Caucasus Reality 14 september — 11:50

Russian military train Armenian troops to capture sites and prisoners


Servicemen of the reconnaissance units of the Russian military base in Armenia carried out a landing in the rear of an imaginary enemy during bilateral battalion tactical exercises with the Armenian military, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the press-service of the Southern Military District.

'The scouts and special forces landed by assault from Mi-8MTV helicopters to the Alagyaz training ground. 

After completing a multi-kilometre march with full gear in the reconnaissance area, the servicemen revealed the location of the main forces of the mock enemy, transmitted the coordinates of objects and military equipment, disabled communications, raided the command post, captured important documents and prisoners,' the message says.

It is noted that when entering the evacuation area, the scouts repulsed the attack of the mock enemy units, worked out the evacuation of the wounded, followed by providing them with first aid.The press service also reported that within the framework of bilateral exercises, military personnel of air defence, electronic warfare (EW) units and crews of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of the Russian military base suppressed and destroyed reconnaissance and strike 'drones' of the mock enemy.

'EW specialists at the Alagyaz training ground deployed radio interference stations, collected and analysed reconnaissance information, violated the communication system of a simulated enemy, worked out the tasks of detecting reconnaissance and strike UAVs flying at different heights and transmitted the data to air defence units,' the message says.

According to the press service, the crews of the Shilka anti-aircraft self-propelled guns destroyed targets imitating low-flying 'drones' of the mock enemy from an automatic 23-mm cannon at a range of up to 2.5 thousand metres and an altitude of up to 1.5 thousand metres.

More than 1.5 thousand servicemen are taking part in the exercises and about 300 units of military and special equipment are involved, including Mi-8MTV, Mi-24P helicopters and crews of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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