Caucasus Reality 18 october — 12:42

Fierce battles in South direction: Armenian soldiers move to Iran (Urgent)



As a result of Armenia's counter-offensive actions, the humanitarian ceasefire that came into force on the night of October 17-18 was again thwarted due to the adventurous military-political strategy of the Armenian government.

In the early morning of October 18, Azerbaijani combat units stopped the enemy offensive and attacked combat positions in the occupied territories in the southern direction. Azeri Daily was informed about this by the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry.

Azerbaijani troops are pursuing the enemy along the Araz River, restoring state sovereignty on the border with the Islamic Republic of Iran. As Azerbaijani Defence Ministry told Azeri Daily, about 20 servicemen of the Armenian army, leaving their combat positions, fled to the territory of Iran. Azerbaijan through diplomatic channels informed the Iranian government about the fleeing of Armenian soldiers to the territory of the neighbouring state.

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