Caucasus Reality 27 october — 17:36

Operation Retribution: How Azerbaijan eliminated war criminal Jalal Harutyunyan (Sensational video)



Azeri Daily has obtained a sensational video of the elimination of one of the main war criminals in Karabakh, the commander of the Armenian occupation army in Karabakh, Jalal Harutyunyan. As a result of a brilliant operation developed and carried out by the Ministry of Defence in cooperation with the special services of Azerbaijan, Jalal Harutyunyan's official car was discovered and taken under surveillance. Constant outdoor surveillance was carried out by means of an unmanned aerial vehicle. After making sure that J. Harutyunyan was in the car and was going to one of the combat positions, the car was hit from an operational-tactical medium-altitude UAV.

Azerbaijani authorities have accused Jalal Harutyunyan of committing especially grave war crimes on the territory of Azerbaijan since 1992. J. Harutyunyan took an active part in the implementation of terrorist actions against the peaceful Azerbaijani population during the occupation, and later became a member of the military leadership of the separatist entity.

Azerbaijani authorities call on all participants in war crimes to lay down their arms and immediately obey the demands of the legitimate authorities. Otherwise, the government of Azerbaijan reserves the right to continue Operation Retribution, which assumes the elimination of all war criminals on the internationally recognised territory of Azerbaijan.

It should be noted that the practice of eliminating wanted war criminals accused of committing anti-human and terrorist acts is used in the activities of special services and special units of the armies of the United States, Israel, Russia, Turkey and other advanced states.

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