Caucasus Reality 7 november — 09:11

Colonel-General Seyran Ohanyan wounded in Shusha


As became known to Azeri Daily, during the fierce battles for Shusha, ex-Minister of Defence of Armenia, Colonel-General Seyran Ohanyan was seriously wounded. Earlier, it was reported that leader of the separatists Arayik Harutyunyan had appointed the ex-minister to the position of the military commandant of Shusha.

Azerbaijani official sources have confirmed the information about the injury of Seyran Ohanyan.

Recall that the former Minister of Defence of Armenia Seyran Ohanyan, who held the post of commander of the separatist army of Karabakh from 1999 to 2007, headed the defence department of Armenia from 2008 to 2016. Ohanyan is a symbol of the defeat and shame of Armenian separatism. In Armenia itself, Seyran Ohanyan was accused of committing the gravest war crimes in the Armenian army itself. Ohanyan played into the hands of the former Chief of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defence Yuri Khachaturov who turned the Armenian army building business into a profitable corruption shop.

For many years during the rule of the Karabakh clan, Ohanyan and his associates, rejecting the fears of sceptics drawing the attention of the authorities to the excessive militarisation of Azerbaijan and transformations in the Azerbaijani Army, pointed to the powerful and allegedly insurmountable 'Ohanyan line' created on the line of contact. In 2016, in a matter of days in the short-term April war, the Azerbaijani army literally tore the Ohanyan line to shreds, penetrating deep into the occupied part of the plains of Karabakh. Azerbaijani soldiers, with the same success, crushed the enemy's defences in the northern direction, covering both the name of Ohanyan and the name of his line with indelible shame. Six months later, disenchanted with Ohanyan, as well as with his lines, then Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan dismissed the permanent defence minister, appointing his assistant Vigen Sargsyan to the position of defence minister.

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