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Paruyr Hayrikyan: Soviet authorities, not Azerbaijani people, were behind Sumgayit events (Video)


The Sumgayit events of 1988 were organised by the Soviet authorities, not Azerbaijan. The leader of the National Self-Determination Association Paruyr Hayrikyan said this, Vestnik Kavkaza reports.

Recall that in 2013, on the eve of the presidential election in Armenia, an attempt was made on Paruyr Hayrikyan's life, who also ran in the election.

Hayrikyan himself stated that the attempt on his life had been organised by the former KGB: 'These are the very forces that organised the events in Sumgayit.'

And before that, back in 1988, Hayrikyan had accused the Soviet authorities of the Armenian pogroms in Sumgayit, and for this he had been stripped of his Soviet citizenship and exiled to Ethiopia.

'They staged the Sumgayit pogroms and blamed the Azerbaijani people for this. Of course, they could not say that these events were organised by the KGB forces. At least they could blame criminals for this. But no, on the contrary, they presented these pogroms as acts of the Azerbaijani people, and even the Azerbaijani state, while in 1988 Azerbaijan did not exist as an independent state. Then there was the Soviet system, the activities of which were under the complete control of the KGB. The proof that all this was organised by the authorities of the USSR was the fact that after this event all persons of Armenian nationality were exiled to Armenia. They planned similar events in Armenia as well,' he said.

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