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Captured terrorist: PKK sent terrorists to Karabakh



PKK terrorists, detained during the anti-terrorist special operation carried out by the security forces and the Turkish Army in northern Iraq, testified during interrogations about the support of the terrorist organisation by foreign states and how these states used the PKK terrorists for their own purposes, writes the Turkish edition Yeni Şafak.

PKK terrorist surrenders

Thus, a terrorist I.C., who surrendered to the Turkish security forces at the end of 2020, says the PKK sent its terrorists to Karabakh to support the Armenians. According to the terrorist, almost all members of their organisation knew about this.

Let us remind that last year, on the eve of the outbreak of hostilities in Karabakh, reliable, including foreign, sources disseminated fairly truthful information about the transfer of PKK terrorists from Iraq and Syria by Armenia to Karabakh. It was about several thousand PKK terrorists. Earlier it was also known that there are PKK camps in Karabakh. Soon after the end of the war, the commander of the PKK women's detachments, in an interview with media close to the organisation, confirmed the dispatch of detachments to Karabakh to help the Armenians.

Terrorist I.C. says Libyan rebel leader Khalifa Haftar also sought to use the PKK's services in the fight against Turkey. Khalifa Haftar, having sent his people to Syria, asked the PKK for help against Turkey. According to the terrorist, at the meeting, one of the PKK leaders, Fehman Huseyn, said: 'Haftar asks for support from the YPG (Syrian wing of the PKK - Ed).'

PKK terrorists in northern Iraq

'Before the start of the Turkish Armed Forces operation in northern Iraq, half an hour before that, two countries informed our organisation about the points at which the strikes would be delivered,' terrorist S.M. said during interrogation.

According to him, the terrorist organisation had close ties with the intelligence services of France, the United States and Syria. He also said that the United States supplied the terrorists with bulldozers, excavators, trucks and armoured vehicles. France supplied the PKK with photographs and coordinates obtained from the work of reconnaissance drones.

Another terrorist, D.M., says the US has assigned special personnel to guard the PKK leaders. For example, eight bodyguards of one of the PKK leaders, Bahoz Erdal, were American soldiers. And another leader of the PKK terrorists, Sofi Nurettin, was hiding for some time at a US military base in northern Iraq.

'Bahoz Erdal'

It should be noted that the Turkish Armed Forces during the ground and air operations in northern Iraq destroyed the PKK terrorist camps, weapons and ammunition depots, as well as dozens of the organisation's militants. In one of the shelters, the bodies of 13 Turkish citizens were found, whom the terrorists had held hostage for almost 6 years. These people were shot shortly before the Turkish special forces reached the cache. The special forces of the Turkish Armed Forces managed to take some terrorists alive.

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