Caucasus Reality 3 april — 10:29

David Tonoyan avoided answering question: Did Armenia use Iskander in Shusha?


Former Armenian Defence Minister David Tonoyan refused to say whether Armenia used Iskander missile systems during the Karabakh war.

'I am not going to disclose state secrets,' Tonoyan told the Novosti Armenii Agency.

Tonoyan also did not answer the question whether the former Chief of the General Staff Onik Gasparyan presented a report at the meeting of the Security Council and whether he proposed ending the war on the fourth day of hostilities. At the same time, the ex-minister stressed that the head of the General Staff could not present any report without his knowledge.

'The meetings of the Security Council are a state secret, and I do not intend to disclose it,' said the ex-minister.

Recall, recently the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) reported that on 15 March 2021, during a clean-up operation carried out by the Agency's employees, fragments of two exploded missiles were found in Shusha. During a check by the Agency's specialists of the identification number (9M723) of the missile, it was established that its wreckage belonged to the Iskander missile system.

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