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Armenian terrorists on trial in Baku

Victims: 'In Shusha prison they beat us in front of Armenian girls' (Azeri Daily from courtroom)



In the administrative building of the Yasamal District Court, a session of the Baku Military Court was held under the chairmanship of Judge Elbey Allahverdiyev in the criminal case against Armenian militants Mkrtchyan Ludvik Mkrtchevich and Khosrovyan Alesha Aramaisovich, who had tortured Azerbaijani prisoners of war during the first Karabakh war and committed other grave crimes.

The victim in the case, Garib Valiyev, who had been in Armenian captivity in those years, told the court that he had become a victim of inhuman treatment of Azerbaijani prisoners and that Ludvik Mkrtchyan personally tortured him.

Ludvik Mkrtchyan and Alyosha Khosrovyan in the dock

'In 1999, I was captured: I was grazing cattle near the village of Tapgaragoyunlu and lost my way in the fog. I was seized by the Armenian military and taken to the Shusha prison,' said the victim.

Garib Valiyev said that he had been tortured in Shusha prison, and Ludvik Mkrtchyan personally participated in the torture, although he was only a translator from Azerbaijani.

'He asked me which military unit I served. When I answered that I was a civilian, he began to beat me on the head, and then stabbed me in the stomach with his knee, put a sack on my head and continued the beatings with even greater fury. On that day, he beat me until the evening. He wanted to find out the location of the nearest military unit, demanded that I confess that I was a scout. Mkrtchyan speaks good Azerbaijani, he interrogated us in our language. I spent two months in captivity. They stopped torturing me only after the International Committee of the Red Cross took control of my case. After returning from captivity, I underwent treatment in the hospital for a month,' said Garib Valiyev.

Answering the questions of the state prosecutor, Garib Valiyev confirmed that he recognised his torturer at the preliminary investigation both by his voice and appearance.

The victim Javid Huseyn, who is now visually impaired due to torture in captivity, said that both defendants, Mkrtchyan and Khosrovyan, cruelly mocked the Azerbaijani prisoners and subjected the hostages to unbearable torture.

Javid Huseyn

'Both of them speak fluent Azerbaijani, they absolutely do not need a translator. Here they plead not guilty, but in the Shusha prison these two were real executioners. In 1994, I was captured during the battles for the village of Gulluja in the Aghdam district. The Armenians first left us in Aghdam and wanted to kill us. But then they received information that they could exchange us. We were taken to Khankendi, where we were severely beaten, and then taken to the Shusha prison. There, the beatings continued with a piece of iron pipe, and they beat us on the heads,' said the victim.

Javid Huseyn, who spent a long time in Shusha prison, spoke in detail about the torture and beatings.

'We were beaten every day. With rifle butts, truncheons, pipe scraps... Once it was snowing heavily. They have a national hero Vahan, and so his monument and the site in front of the Shusha prison were covered with ice, and we were forced to clear the territory. After that I was beaten with an iron bar and buried in the snow. My friend Yashar pulled me out from under the snow. The Armenians hid me when representatives of the Red Cross came,' the former prisoner recalled.

The defendants

The victim also reported that the deputy head of the prison named Gagik, as well as the now accused Mkrtchyan, whose nickname had been 'Lyokha,' and Khosrovyan, whom everyone had been calling 'Lyosha,' had once tied his hands to an iron bars and begun to torture him. As a result of these tortures, Javid Huseyn became blind in one eye.

'Ludvik Mkrtchyan and Alyosha Khosrovyan tied my hands, and the deputy head of the prison began to beat me. They asked me: "Whose Karabakh is? Ours or yours?" I answered that Karabakh was ours. I was so beaten with truncheons that I lost my eye. Soon, Red Cross officials arrived at the prison again. And again they threw me into the punishment cell so that they would not see me,' Javid Huseyn stated.

He said that the Armenians had subjected the prisoners to moral torture.

'When we were in Shusha prison, we were shown to children who were brought there from kindergartens. Our captors were telling them that we were Turks, enemies. They warned the children not to come close to us, otherwise we could supposedly kill them. They raise children as future Nazis. We were tormented in every possible way. In prison, we were beaten even in front of the girls who were specially brought there. They bragged about it. Mkrtychyan had a tattoo of LMM letters on his hand. This was confirmed during the inspection,' he said.

The next court hearing on this case will take place on 16 June.

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