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How diaspora money is stolen in Karabakh (Ayrapetyan's scandalous case)



A well-known Moscow philanthropist, businessman Levon Ayrapetyan, who originally hailed from Veng village of the Aghdere district of Karabakh, during the occupation of the region, conducted numerous charity events in the Armenian occupation zone. However, as the Armenian media wrote, it later turned out that most of the funds allocated by the businessman were pocketed by the bandit regime of the separatists. The scandal turned out to be loud. As well as the case of Ayrapetyan himself in Russia, accused of fraud. Russian justice has proven that Ayrapetyan swindled the mother of a Russian ex-senator for 700 thousand dollars. The fraudster who died in a Mordovian prison sent part of this money to the Karabakh separatists for charitable purposes. But the separatists swindled Ayrapetyan himself.

Levon Ayrapetyan

Until his death, the prisoner-philanthropist tried to return the funds that were plundered and pocketed by the separatists. But the benefactor did not have time to complete his mission and died.

The 'just cause' of the fraudulent philanthropist was continued by his daughter. As reported by the Armenian media, Ayrapetyan's daughter stated that the false philanthropist once bought about a dozen units of various construction equipment and temporarily handed them over to the occupation administration of the Veng village. In 2020, it turned out that the equipment was appropriated by the former and current gauleiters of Aghdere -- Edgar Harutyunyan and Andrey Sargsyan. According to her, these people used the equipment for their personal needs and refused to return it.

Now the daughter asks the Armenian authorities to intervene in the matter and ensure the return of the appropriated equipment. However, the leaders of the Armenian separatists in the Russian zone of responsibility in Karabakh are in no hurry to fight the bandit elements in Aghdere. Because there is a system of mutual guarantee in this zone and, as it turns out after investigations by Armenian journalists, it was the leaders of the separatists, especially the former 'president' Bako Sahakyan, who stood behind the predatory scheme to attract investments from the Armenian diaspora with their further misappropriation. The scandal with the Ayrapetyan family once again convinces the Armenian diaspora of the criminal nature of the Armenian separatists in Karabakh. Under the loud slogans of the national struggle, ordinary corruption and theft are hidden. Who will help the doomed separatists after that?

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