Caucasus Reality 15 september — 17:34

Pashinyan explained Azerbaijan's actions on Goris-Kafan highway


Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, during his speech at the government hour in parliament, substantiated the actions of the Azerbaijani side, checking Iranian trucks on the Goris-Kafan road section.

'The events that take place along the length of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border have many layers and subtexts. It is very important that we understand and translate them correctly,' said Pashinyan.

He noted that in December 2020, the Armenian Armed Forces were withdrawn to the borders inherited from Soviet Armenia.

'The Goris-Kafan road in this section in two places goes beyond the borders of the Republic of Armenia or formerly Soviet Armenia. It is because of this circumstance that the known blocks and strongholds appeared in the certain districts. I assume that since the passage of foreign goods was not fixed in the agreement, in this situation Azerbaijan applies this mechanism. In all likelihood, in response to our statements that the statements of November 9 and January 11 do not spell out the provision of a corridor through Armenia,' noted Pashinyan.

It should be reminded that Azerbaijan has limited traffic on the section of the Goris-Kafan road passing through the village of Eyvazli, Gubadli district of Azerbaijan. On the Azerbaijani section of the highway, checkpoints of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan, as well as customs checkpoints, have been installed.

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