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Iranians have rebelled! They say Pashinyan is not real! (Updated)


Drivers of Iranian trucks stuck on the Kafan-Goris road are threatening to block the road because they are being asked to pay taxes in accordance with the procedure established by Azerbaijani legislation.

Drivers threaten to block the road if their problem is not resolved within a couple of hours. About 50 Iranian trucks have gathered in this area.

Iranian drivers say: 'Bring this information to Pashinyan, if he is a real prime minister!' write Armenian media.

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As previously reported by the Armenian media, Azerbaijani police and customs officers stationed on the Goris-Kafan interstate road began to check not only Iranian trucks, but also buses. Mayor of Kafan stated that significant forces were concentrated in the vicinity of the Azerbaijani police post.

Note that more than 20 km of the above-mentioned route passes through the territory of Azerbaijan (Eyvazli village of Gubadli district). It is on this site that the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Customs Committee are stationed. And vehicle checks began after numerous Iranian trucks began to illegally enter the zone of responsibility of Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh. Their route from Iran also goes along the Goris-Kafan highway. From September 12, Azerbaijani customs officers began to collect state duties from Iranian cars for driving through the territory of Azerbaijan.

And today the Armenian media disseminated information that the National Security Service of Armenia blocked the road from Goris to Kafan for Iranian trucks. At the exit from Goris, dozens of Iranian trucks have gathered, which are not allowed to enter Kafan. Many of the Iranian drivers did not pay the toll when driving in the direction of Goris due to lack of money. According to them, the police and the National Security Service of Armenia offer them to go by the bypass road. However, the trucks are too big to drive on such a narrow road. Some truck drivers who tried to drive through it got into accidents.

The Armenian media claim that the trucks are not allowed through because if they cannot pay, problems may arise.

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