Caucasus Reality 26 november — 10:56

Baku handed over two Armenian citizens to Yerevan


Azerbaijan, once again guided by the principles of humanism, handed over to Armenia two persons of Armenian origin.

According to the State Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the Affairs of Captives and Missing Citizens Taken as Hostages, one of the transferred persons is Aramyan Arin Zhirayevich, born 1993, detained on November 16, 2021 as a result of the provocation of Armenia during military operations in the state border. During this time, Aramyan received the necessary medical assistance and treatment.

The second transferred -- Musaelyan Mihran Ernest, born 2000, was detained while entering the territory where Azerbaijani servicemen serve, in the direction of the Aghdam district. As a result of the preliminary investigation it was established that Musaelyan Mihran was a civilian. Having lost his way, he entered the territory where Azerbaijani servicemen were serving.

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