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Sevil Aliyeva came to this world with her song



Yesterday, the daughter of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev, Sevil Aliyeva celebrated her birthday. We can confidently call Sevil Aliyeva a warm, sensitive and sympathetic friend of the editorial board of Haqqin.Az Group (haqqin.az , virtualaz.org , azeridaily.com).

In your voice, when we hear it, sound the strings that are invisible to the eye, and which will often sound both with the recognisable timbre of the great Heydar Aliev, and with the charming melody of your brilliant mother Zarifa Aliyeva.

Probably, it's because the records with the sincere songs that you composed, sweetly press the heart and awaken in us the energy of creative excitement. This energy, we need at least for very modest, but necessary support for the plans and deeds of your brother - our President Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev. After all, it's not easy with self-sacrificing dignity and success, to lead Azerbaijan that has become independent and self-sufficient.

You came to this world with your song. It sounds in you and in the children, whom you think the world of. And therefore on this birthday of yours we definitely want to say...

Let forever sound the light key, named since her birth Sevil Aliyeva! Let never and nothing overshadow your life and all the people close to you!

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