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Israel's deputy speaker: 'Jews are unanimous in one issue - Azerbaijan' (Exclusive)



'Jews can argue about anything, and they adhere to diametrically opposite points of view in almost all matters. But the whole Jewish people expresses its unanimity in one issue: strategic support to Azerbaijan,' Deputy Speaker of the Knesset (parliament) of the State of Israel Yehiel Bar said at a meeting with the Vice-President of the State Concern AZAL, Eldar Hajiyev. This is reported by the Head of Haqqin.az Group (haqqin.az / virtualaz.org / azeridaily.com) Eynulla Fatullayev, who accompanies Azerbaijani delegation at its meetings in Jerusalem.

Let us note that the Azerbaijani delegation consisting of Vice-President of the State Concern AZAL (Azerbaijan Airlines) Eldar Hajiyev, President of the Tourism Association of Azerbaijan Nahid Bagirov, First Vice-President of the Silk Way Holding Teymur Ahmadov holds official meetings with representatives of the Government of Israel to attract tourists to Azerbaijan, as well as increasing passenger and cargo transportation.

Deputy Speaker Yehiel Bar said at the meeting with the Azerbaijani delegation: 'I assure you that all the deputies of the Israeli parliament are ready to vote for any decision, for any initiative that protect the national and state interests of Azerbaijan, serve the development of your state. Because Azerbaijan is our strategic ally. There is no second state in the world like Azerbaijan, which is sincerely perceived by Israel as a reliable and sincere ally.'

According to the deputy speaker, he is eager to visit Azerbaijan: 'Unfortunately, to this day I have not been able to visit Baku. Somehow it did not work out. But I hope that in the near future, within the framework of cooperation with Azerbaijani parliamentarians, I will be able to visit Azerbaijan.'

The deputy speaker also called on Azerbaijani parliamentarians to expand cooperation with the Knesset, and take advantage of the potential of Israeli colleagues to strengthen Azerbaijan's positions in the international arena.

Y.Bar assured E.Hajiyev that he will do his best to expand the positions of the Azerbaijani Airlines in the Israeli market: 'I repeat, Azerbaijan is our most valuable ally, and we are ready to help you in everything.'

In his turn, E.Hajiyev thanked the deputy speaker for the warm welcome and sincere words of support to the Azerbaijani state and government.

First VP of Silk Way Holding Teymur Mammadov also took part at the meeting.

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