Our Society 13 june — 20:27

Former head coach of Azerbaijani national team was the Italian champion


Tino Perez, the former head coach of the Azerbaijani national futsal team and Araz club, became the champion of Italy.

Report informs, 49-year-old specialist has achieved this success with the Acqua e Sapone team. His team prevailed Luparense in the play-off series.

Thus, the names of 54 teams to take part in the Champions League have been determined.

The team representing 5 countries - Turkey, Georgia, Ireland, Faroe Islands and Liechtenstein in the league where totally, 59 teams will compete for the title, has not determined yet.

Perez was the head coach of the Azerbaijani national team and Araz from August 2014 to May 2016. Under his leadership Araz became the champion of the country and the national team qualified for 1/4 final stage of the World Championship.

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