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In Russia, Mehriban Aliyeva was declared an icon of style



In the 'Lady' section of the Russian media resource Mail.ru an article devoted to the First Vice-President of Azerbaijan, First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva and her preferences in fashion has been published. At the same time, the authors of the publication call the first lady of Azerbaijan an icon of style.

The publication notes that Azerbaijan absorbed the key European trends, while preserving the cultural and religious traditions of the East. This is expressed in architecture, in modern culture, in education, and in fashion.

And First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva reflects this interesting combination. It manifests itself both in her social and political work, and in style.

Taste preferences in Mehriban Aliyeva's clothes inspire famous fashion designers. For example, Vyacheslav Zaitsev said that when he visited Baku, the style of the Azerbaijani president's spouse impressed him immensely: 'The ability to look amazing, her manner of communication - all this is perfectly combined and leaves a very pleasant impression. A truly luxurious woman, whom I sincerely admire.'

The Vice-President of Azerbaijan prefers elegant restraint, calm tones and clear lines in clothes.

'Restraint and understatement, perhaps, to some extent reflect my character,' commented Mehriban Aliyeva. 'Although I never really thought about this relationship. Style manifests itself in small details, nuances, the manner to hold oneself, and in many ways different, which is inseparable from a human being. It seems to me that this is difficult to explain solely from rational positions.'

The authors of the publication note that the first lady manages to take into account all these nuances; she even manages to find out in the collections of western fashion houses dresses using traditional oriental motifs, but in the interpretation of such modern and recognised fashion designers as Giorgio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld and Ralph Lauren.

As a true patriot of her country, the first lady supports fashion designers of Azerbaijan. For example, at the closing ceremony of the IV Islamic Solidarity Games, the first VP appeared in the costume of the fashion designer-compatriot Rufat Ismayil.

At the same time, Mehriban Aliyeva tries not to abuse jewelry, and spectacles can be called her favourite accessory. She changes them depending on the fashion, mood or context of the event.

As for the favourite styles, this is definitely a dress-case, which always looks great in combination with Mehriban Aliyeva's favourite platform shoes or pumps.

Most meetings that are attended by Mehriban Aliyeva are held mainly with men in attendance - prominent politicians, businessmen, public figures - and the first lady is not afraid to be bright. However, she manages this organically, and restrained men's costumes of colleagues in the negotiations favourably outshine the outfits of the first lady.

For official appearances from the big stage, where there are a lot of lights and soffits, Mehriban Aliyeva wears closed long-sleeved dresses in strict consistent but soft colours.

Azerbaijani fashion designer Fakhriya Khalafova speaks about Mehriban Aliyeva the following: 'She has many missions and interesting directions that she implements. But I would add one more. She is an ambassador of beauty.'

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