Our Society 13 september — 20:27

Club to represent Azerbaijan in UEFA Regions Cup faces problems


Sumgayit's Ugur team which will represent Azerbaijan in UEFA Regions Cup has faced some problems in UEFA Regions Cup, Report informs citing head coach of the team Gazanfar Abbasov. According to him, there are difficulties in attracting new players to the squad, Report informs.

The 35-year-old specialist said that Ugur is currenly financed from the personal funds of club president Vasif Mashayev.

Sumgayit representative that competed in continental racing as the winner of AFFA Regional League settled in Group VI with Ukraine's Lviv Region, Castile and León and Finland's Western Region Team.

The coach said they are trying to collect information about their opponents in the group: Castile and León plays for many years. Ukrainian and Finnish teams are also not weak. We will try to gather as much information as possible about the rivals. Our club has just emerged and we do not have much experience. Nevertheless, we will do our best to achieve good results”.

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