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Chingiz Abdullayev: 'There's no time left, we must save Baku!'



Writer Chingiz Abdullayev sounded the alarm in connection with the ecological situation in Baku and addressed the public with an appeal to save their native city. As reports Azeri Daily, on his Facebook page, Chingiz Abdullayev, in particular, insists on tougher penalties for cutting down trees and on banning plastic bags.

'Anyone who has flown to Baku by airplane at least once, notes the absence of green cover around the capital. According to official data, the share of green area in Baku is seven per cent. With a worldwide standard of twenty per cent! I want to be properly understood. This is my hometown, which I love and consider to be the best metropolis in the world. In recent years, Baku has changed and become one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It will be even more beautiful if we start to protect the environment around us. It is necessary to introduce legislation with ruthless fines for cutting down trees, for trying to capture park zones. Barbarians who arrange such actions should not count on trying to pay off!' writes Abdullayev.

The writer emphasises that today many countries of the world are introducing a ban on plastic bags and called for support of the proposals of the Ministry of Environment in this matter.

'Neighbouring Georgia imposed a similar ban on October 1. It was even introduced in some African countries. It also exists in enlightened Europe. Any bags less than fifteen microns thick cannot be manufactured, imported or sold! Now such laws are being adopted even in Africa. I believe that it is necessary not only to support the proposals of our Ministry of Environment, but also to begin to adopt the relevant laws. Let, to begin with, plastic bags become symbolically paid and the population will gradually refuse from them. This is a problem that can no longer be left for the future. Otherwise, the future of our children and grandchildren will be threatened. Such packages decompose over several centuries! In the world's oceans, there are already islands of plastic bottles and food grade plastic. If bottles can be recycled (and in Azerbaijan there are already two processing plants), then the packages remain among the garbage, turning into time bombs! Obviously, the time has come to think about introducing separation of garbage for their subsequent processing,' he says.

Chingiz Abdullaev called another danger associated with clean drinking water, which Baku thoughtlessly uses for technical purposes.

'Remember how difficult was the laying of such water supply systems in Baku at the time? Imagine that Romanov Avenue (now 28 May Street) was re-named immediately after independence to William Lindley Street, in honour of the engineer who built the Shollar water supply system. In today's Baku, they wash cars with drinking water and use them thoughtlessly, without even thinking about it. The point is not even water meters installed in the city. We need a set of measures to replace drinking water with technical water, wherever it can be done. Why am I writing about it now? And in general, why raise environmental issues when people have a lot of personal problems? But if such questions are posed in the European Union, if African countries have started to ban plastic bags and think about recycling, if calls to save and preserve the environment are heard all over the world, this means only one thing. The problem cannot be postponed until the day after, and even until tomorrow. In neighbouring Georgia they also understood this. We have specific projects of the Ministry of Environment. It seems that this is the moment when one cannot pretend that nothing is happening. Otherwise, then the problem with much greater losses will be solved by our children. There is no time left!' the writer is convinced.

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