Our Society 14 january — 18:30

Prices for Hajj pilgrimage expected to rise in Azerbaijan


The delegation of the Caucasian Muslims Board (CMO) visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the invitation of Ministry of Hajj of this country regarding the organization of Hajj pilgrimage in Azerbaijan this year.

Report informs citing the CMO that during the visit this year's conditions of the Saudi side regarding the pilgrimage were studied, as well as the hotels, where the pilgrims to be located, were determined.

At present, according to the presentation of the delegation, the current prices, quota and other conditions are being calculated. This year, prices are expected to be $ 50 or $ 100 higher compared to last year. Like last year, pilgrimage will be held only in one way, but not in two versions (VIP and ordinary). It is also planned to announce a document acceptance till early February in Azerbaijan related to the pilgrimage.

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