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Rustam Ibrahimbeyov pleased with reforms in Azerbaijan


'I am a consistent supporter of increasing social influence on the life of the country. For this purpose, several years ago, the Forum of the Intelligentsia of the country was created, bringing together cultural and scientific workers. We discussed the problems that the authorities themselves are discussing today. Unfortunately, at that time our initiative provoked a negative reaction from some people who still occupy serious positions in state bodies,' said well-known screenwriter, head of the Union of Cinematographers of the country Rustam Ibrahimbeyov in an interview with Turan Agency.

When asked whether the situation has changed now, Ibrahimbeyov said that he will be able to give an answer to this question over time. 'Steps are being taken that please me. Whether they will in the future take on a systemic character will be shown by time,' the playwright answered.

Rustam Ibrahimbeyov added that the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan continues preparations for the November congress, is in the process of restoring the Film School, Cinema House, creating the Museum of films about Baku, and is developing a program to support young filmmakers.

'In recent years, a galaxy of young filmmakers appeared in Azerbaijan who shot full-length and short films that won prizes at prestigious international festivals. Today, most of them live outside of Azerbaijan because they do not find any use for themselves. One of the tasks of the Union of Cinematographers is to give an opportunity to these people to work in their own country,' said Rustam Ibrahimbeyov.

'I am hoping for the possibility of introducing a new model of film production. A special commission has been created by the state, which is working on it. It would be great if a structure was created that provides state support for projects involving script writing, direction and production development. A similar system exists in neighbouring Georgia, in Russia and in other countries. It gives great creative freedom to independent studios and creative associations,' he continued.

To the question, in whose subordination will be the new structure, the screenwriter replied that most likely the Ministry of Culture. 'At the upcoming congress, all these issues will be fully and substantively discussed. State control should not infringe upon the interests of creativity. The state should determine the general filmmaking policy by ordering patriotic, historical, children's films. That is, along with the creative initiative, filmmakers should carry out state tasks,' said Ibrahimbeyov.

To the question of whether he sees himself as the leader of such a film structure, the playwright gave a negative answer. 'I have been working in the Union of Cinematographers since 1967 and I am convinced that this creative organisation expressing public cinematographic opinion can significantly influence the state of affairs in the national cinema, in a constructive dialogue with state structures.'

Ibrahimbeyov called the existence of two film unions in Azerbaijan excessive, given the size of the country and the volume of film production. 'The Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan was created in 1958 by prominent figures of our cinema. The second structure was artificially created several years ago.'

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