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Diaspora declared: young people are dear to us, old people are honoured



In recent years, much has been written and talked about the Azerbaijani diaspora. In essence, this is a multi-thousand segment of Azerbaijanism. This term seems to most accurately reflect the process of the origin and emergence of active positions of the broad international public life of the representatives of our people as an independent and self-sufficient factor.

Of particular importance is the fact that the organisational forms of cooperation between the national diaspora and public organisations of the republic have also been determined. One could clearly see this at the events of the Summer Camp for Diaspora Youth, held for the first time a year ago in Sheki. For information: 140 young compatriots from the USA, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, Romania, Italy, Indonesia, England, Israel - from 37 countries took part in its work. The most important result of this first meeting was the establishment of a new public organisation - Azerbaijani Diaspora Youth. Now it unites in its ranks more than 50 activists of Azerbaijani youth from more than 35 countries. The statute and the position of the new organisation were developed and adopted. It aims to inform the world community about the life of Azerbaijan, its history and culture, customs and traditions of the Azerbaijani people. Much has already been done in this regard: members of the organisation represent Azerbaijan at events of various formats in their countries, talk about the realities of the Azerbaijani state in the media, and take an active part in events of the State Committee and Azerbaijani diaspora organisations abroad.

One remembers that during the debates - very interesting and meaningful of this unusual patriotic forum - the idea of giving such meetings with compatriots living abroad a permanent character sounded like a leitmotif. It should be noted that the State Committee for Work with the Diaspora was attentive to the expressed wish and now Baku meets the participants of the 2nd Diaspora Summer Camp 'Nasimi 650.' For several days (8-14 July 2019), the participants of the new forum of the Azerbaijani diaspora will hold a number of organisational events and exchange views in discussions about the situation of the diaspora, meet with deputies, representatives of the public, Azerbaijani scientists, literary and artistic figures, and athletes.

At the same time, guests from abroad will be given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the history, cultural monuments, sights of Baku and the surrounding areas. Already traditional, these meetings, which received the informal name of the Summer Camps, consolidate Azerbaijani youth living in various countries. To participate in the II Summer Camp, hundreds of young people from 51 countries applied. Of these, 110 people received the right to participate in the camp. The II Summer Camp, which will be accompanied by a substantive program, will be another step towards the unification of Azerbaijani youth living abroad around our state, homeland, and national and spiritual values.

Naturally, strengthening the ties of foreign youth with the Republic of Azerbaijan is extremely important, all of which should ultimately serve as the formation of organisational links of social organisations of world Azerbaijanis, their activation.

In other words, a new and very important tradition is emerging in the process of consolidation of national forces - the meeting of their representatives in the conditions of a summer camp. The current youth forum demonstrates the effectiveness of public efforts in building sustainable ties and further activating diaspora activities.

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