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EU takes over education system in Azerbaijan (Exclusive)



One of the projects most successfully promoted with the support of the European Union in Azerbaijan concerns the reform of the education system. So, in any case, believes Simona Gatti, Minister-Counsellor/Head of Cooperation, EU Delegation to Azerbaijan.

Gatti told Azeri Daily that projects are also being actively implemented in Azerbaijan to introduce advanced experience and modern technologies of European countries in the development of small farms, to create an information system that would help farmers choose the most effective fertilisers, help preserve and increase the yields of traditional agricultural cultures, etc.

Regarding national education, the EU minister-counsellor noted the successful work of restoring vocational training in the country.

'Unfortunately, in Azerbaijan, educational institutions for mastering various professions are not yet very popular; they are considered not prestigious, second-class compared to universities. But in the EU, training in such schools is valued no less highly than higher education. The modern system of vocational education schools plays a very important role in the modernisation of Azerbaijani society and the state. Two days ago, with the support of the European Union, a new vocational school opened in Ganja,' Gatti emphasised.

As the European official explains, the aim of the EU project is to raise the level of the education system of Azerbaijan to European standards. And in this direction, the EU Delegation has been working with the Ministry of Education of the country since 2016. Concrete work has already been done to improve the quality of curricula, teaching methodology, etc.

In general, EU projects in Azerbaijan have four strategic directions. This is the development of the economy and the creation of great opportunities in the system of market relations; creating an effective management system: rational use of energy resources; environmental protection. And in the humanitarian aspect, it is social development and strengthening of communication between people.

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