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189 lawyers successfully passed bar test


As part of the recommendations of the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev to increase the number of lawyers in the country, measures are continuing to accept new members to the Bar Association. For this purpose, a transparent selection of candidates is constantly conducted.

According to the agreement reached between the Bar Association and the State Examination Centre, on September 8, the second test exam for admission to the bar was held in a row for the current year. Candidates took the exam in the electronic form at the State Examination Centre.

The exam was attended by 237 candidates who were asked to answer 100 questions relating to different areas of law. Each correct answer was rated at 1 point. Candidates with more than 60 points automatically moved to the second stage of selection: oral exam.

Exam results were reported immediately upon completion. The results were also published on the official website of the Bar Association.

To ensure the transparency of exams, representatives of a number of local and international organisations, as well as the media, were invited as observers.

The oldest candidate who participated in the exam was 70 years old, the youngest - 25. The percentage of participants from Baku and the regions was 49% and 51%, respectively.

The positive fact is that candidates from most regions of the country participated in these exams.

Slightly more than 11% of the candidates are graduates of foreign universities, and 88 per cent are local. Half of the participants are graduates of Baku State University.

In the return category, 59% of the candidates are people under 40 years old. 14% of the candidates are women and 86% are men.

The highest result shown at the exam was 95 points.

The exam was broadcast in real time on the pages of the Bar Association in social networks.

The record number of individuals of 189 candidates (about 80%), who scored 60 or more points, moved on to the next stage.

Given the large number of lawyers who want to become members of the Bar Association, additional written exams are planned before the end of the year.

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