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Ramiz Mehdiyev: 'They were doing window dressing'


'Despite the fact that three years have passed since the creation of the High Technology Park of the Academy of Sciences, its work is not built on the level of modern requirements. They were doing window dressing,' said the President of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Academician Ramiz Mehdiyev, speaking at a general meeting of the ANAS, Report agency informs.

'Deficiencies existing in the field of scientific activity, improper organisation of stimulation of research activities of scientific institutions have led to the fact that highly qualified personnel who could be useful to the country, go abroad, go into the field of entrepreneurship and in other areas. To eliminate these shortcomings, the structure of the Academy should be completely restructured, its goals, development priorities determined, urgent measures taken in this regard,' said the ANAS president.

According to him, every year the state allocates large funds to the Academy of Sciences, but in return practically does not receive any benefit in the field of the development of science. Therefore, the work of the Academy in this direction must be analysed and restructured.

According to him, in recent years, more than 60 million manats has been allocated for research work of the Academy's employees by the Presidential Science Foundation and the SOCAR Science Foundation. However, no specific results of these studies can be traced.

Noting the extremely weak participation of domestic scientists in international, regional and state-funded national scientific projects, Mehdiyev said that the European Commission allocated 80 million euros to international scientific projects: 'Once again, I regret to note that Azerbaijani scientists did not participate in these projects at a necessary level. Therefore, Azerbaijani science has remained aloof from a number of modern scientific achievements, the development and application of new economic models.'

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