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Azerbaijan named first in CIS (New rating)



The next Competitiveness Rating has been published in relation to training and attracting the best specialists and developing talent on the labour market for 2019. According to MK-Moldova, Azerbaijan became the leader among the post-Soviet states (not counting the Baltic countries), which rose by 14 positions and now occupies 43rd place.

According to information, Russia took the 48th place in this rating, Georgia 68th place.

The rating is headed by such developed countries as Switzerland, USA, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway and Australia.

The global talent competitiveness index is compiled on the basis of a number of parameters, including the business environment and regulation, the openness of the economy to foreigners, immigrants and minorities, education, social protection, quality of life, health, productivity, the presence of highly qualified and innovative specialists.

Each criterion is evaluated on a 100-point scale, then the average total score is calculated.

The world leader in the race for talent, Switzerland scored 81.82 points and retained leadership from last year. It is followed by Singapore (77.27) and the United States (76.64). Following them were the Scandinavian countries.

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