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Sevil Aliyeva on her birthday: I am proud of my people and my brother


'There is no sleep at all! For so many day!' the well-known voice of Sevil Heydar qizi Aliyeva, the daughter of the National Leader of Azerbaijan, sounds on the air with anguish. Today, October 12, is the birthday of Sevil Aliyeva, but all her thoughts are connected with the selfless struggle of young Azerbaijanis for their Motherland. 'Just as I close my eyelids, and in them, as on a screen, I can see the body of a mutilated boy from Ganja. And the sobbing mother over his bloody face, which was laughing only yesterday. But this is not her. It's me! This is my child. And he, still snoring sweetly in the morning, was killed by a rocket fired from Armenia. From Armenia, not from our Nagorno-Karabakh, whose lands for more than a quarter of a century have been trampled by the boots of narcissistic fanatics, who call themselves human...'

'I see our soldiers who, during the so-called declared truce, collected the bodies of the killed invaders and carried them on stretchers towards the Armenian positions, where the white flag was flying. And what?! The Armenians shot from machine guns and threw grenades at our, unarmed guys, doing a good and, in truth, a divine deed. The world has never known a more vile deed.'

'On the other side there are non-humans... It was clear to us from the end of the 1980s. And the world, at the suggestion of Gorbachev, who surrendered the multinational realm and received the Nobel Peace Prize for this (what a disgrace!), was presented in a rosy light. And Khojaly?! The world was silent. The world chose not to notice the bloody episodes of how hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis were driven through mountain tracts away from Armenia, where they had been living for centuries...'

'And today, on the wave of military successes, we reluctantly agreed to negotiate again. We don't need a single inch of Armenian land. We need to return our own. And here's a 10-hour marathon of negotiations. To be honest, neither I, nor our people, expected anything good after so many years of obviously artificial procrastination.

* * *

Sevil Aliyeva talks for a long time about her brother, President and Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev: 'I listened to his speech on CNN. He is fighting, he is great! I'm proud of my brother!'

'People are dying. They die at the will of crooked politicians. Sometimes it seems that earthlings are alien to such a concept as JUSTICE... People are dying...'

'Therefore, knowing that the Haqqin.Az team, with whom I have been friends for a long time, will congratulate me on my birthday today, I ask you to postpone the words that are always warm on this occasion. Until we hoist our flag over all of Karabakh. The heart tells, it will be so!'

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