Our Society 18 october — 16:39

Chief Rabbi in Ganja: Armenians are shooting at Jews too! (Jews pray for Azerbaijan)



On October 18, the Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Azerbaijan, Shneor Segal, met with members of the Jewish Religious Community in Ganja. As reported by Azeri Daily, at the meeting, the chief rabbi was informed about the missile attack of the Armenian armed forces on Ganja.

It was noted at the meeting that starting from October 4, the Armenian Armed Forces have been launching missile strikes on Ganja. And on October 17, as a result of another missile strike by Armenia, 10 residents of Ganja, including children, were killed, and over 50 people were injured.

Then, prayers were said for the souls of the people who died as a result of the Armenian terror, and confidence was expressed that the glorious Azerbaijani Army would win the long-awaited victory in the ongoing fierce battle for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

After the meeting, Chief Rabbi Shneor Segal visited the residential areas of Jews and Azerbaijanis, destroyed by the missile attack by the Armenian armed forces on Ganja.

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