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Don Corleone against Azerbaijan in the Council of Europe (War of the worlds)



Angela Merkel became the second world leader after Vladimir Putin to make an open statement in support of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani public considers Erdogan its own, because Turkey and Azerbaijan in the mass consciousness of Azerbaijanis are a single, inseparable living ethno-state organism.

Angela Merkel, like other European leaders, recognised the right to force

The 'Iron Chancellor' pointed to the recent bloody Karabakh war as the greatest misfortune that overtook the region due to the fault of those forces who deliberately violated international law and encroached on the integrity and sovereignty of states.

The outgoing star of European politics shone for the last time over its main arena. Although the arena, called the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, resembles a dilapidated, retrograde Colosseum that has gone into the wilds of history.

Parliamentary assemblies and other institutions of the atavistic legacy of the first global Cold War, be it the Council of Europe or the OSCE, have not found a place for themselves in the new system of international relations. What significance of the Council of Europe and PACE, which initially played the role of subsidiary institutions of the European Union, can we speak of in the modern Eurasian world, if the West has officially abandoned the strategy of institutional advancement to the East?

The influence and significance of these institutions have been based, especially since the mid-2000s, solely on the rigidity of the entire Eurasian region of moral and legal principles. But as long as the political and economic interests of the West retained their identity. From the middle of the serene energy 2000s, intoxicating with the imperialist mind, the interests of the Western transnational companies that entered the struggle for raw materials appendages began to diverge from the political interests of the moral arbiter. European romanticism dissipated in the grey everyday life of a growing number of supporters of real politik, expressed in the cynical perversion of declarative European values.

Schroeder didn't care that Khodorkovsky was imprisoned somewhere on Kolyma, while Hollande looked with indifference at the consequences of the ethnocide in Karabakh. Strasbourg with concern and unstable recommendations perceived the disappointing situation around Yulia Tymoshenko in Ukraine... Institutions called in the Cold War era to uncompromisingly fight against injustice, lawlessness, challenges to the sovereignty of countries and the occupation of territories of other states, with the light hand of the European politicians themselves turned into powerless and declarative tool.

Stalinist slogans on the lips of liberals

The entire post-Soviet era passed under the shadow of the metaphors about 'double standards' and 'double-dealing' that liberals borrowed from the Stalinist propaganda. A peculiar political expression of the villainous Nietzschean 'double conscience.' The West and its institutions submitted in defeatism not to the authoritarian and occupation regimes branded by liberals, but to the imperialist interests of transnational companies. The West resorted to real opposition only at the moment when 'those who defied international law' encroached on the interests of the transnational monsters. For example, despite dozens of PACE resolutions, the Council of Europe has not imposed sanctions against the aggressor Armenia. But it imposed many sanctions on Russia, which announced the return of Crimea.

The Council of Europe turned a blind eye to the dispersal of rallies and demonstrations, violation of the sacred European right to freedom of assembly in Berlin, London and Paris. But he punished Lukashenko for arresting protesters.

The West itself, by its deliberate cynical policy, has devalued its own institutions. What is PACE today? Foolish talking shop. Some kind of antique Acropolis.

Acropolis? Talking shop?

Several times a year, MPs from various countries, including EU states and countries that will never join the EU, meet at the PACE platform to discuss the situation in a particular area of ​​the Eurasian region and even the world. What is the result of this sometimes passionate and heated debate? Advisory resolutions that no one follows. What significance of this institution can we talk about if the fate of the Council of Europe today largely depends not on the West, but on antagonistic Russia? The Council of Europe is supported by monetary contributions from the Kremlin. Without Russian money, Strasbourg bureaucrats may be left without allowance. The height of cynicism, but it was precisely this reason that prevailed over the 'political concern of the PACE around Ukraine,' and the Council of Europe was forced to lift sanctions against the Russian delegation deprived of the right to vote. Nothing personal, just business! In the spirit of Mario Puzo or the aesthetic embodiment of Don Corleone, the tycoon George Soros. Corleone killed individual people, and Soros kills entire nations and states. So, currying favour with the mighty of this world, PACE was gradually losing its moral authority in world politics...

Poor, poor Zohrabyan!

And how naïve and pitiful were the ignorant and far from understanding the philosophy of modern European politics Armenian deputies who tried in vain to bring on the PACE agenda the problem of the museum of Armenian trophies in Baku and the fate of the Armenian saboteurs in Azerbaijan. The Armenian MPs' attempt failed. Nobody, including the parliamentarians of the allied with Armenia Russia, took pity on the cries and groans of the prehistoric Naira Zohrabyan. Although, on the other hand, what if someone did? Suppose PACE would adopt a resolution demanding Baku to release the Armenian saboteurs? So PACE demanded the same from Armenia for 20 years before the de-occupation of Karabakh? So what? When Baku appealed with the PACE resolutions, people in Strasbourg made a helpless gesture, they say, all this waste paper of resolutions is only advisory in nature. And Strasbourg could not help Azerbaijan in any way. The Council of Europe never took the opportunity to deprive the Armenian delegation of the right to vote and participate in the Assembly. Is the fate of some saboteurs or museum mannequins tantamount to the tragedy of the occupation of an entire region of a sovereign state?

Azerbaijan has learned a great lesson from diplomatic and parliamentary wars in organisations such as the Council of Europe. In today's Eurasian world, built by politicians like Merkel, it's better to rely on BP than on the Council of Europe. Merkel and others like her respect and recognise the right to force. This is what Azerbaijan proved in the second Karabakh war.

As cynical as it may sound, it is a pity that such European outcasts and criminals as Milosevic or Karadzic did not survive to this day. After all, if within the walls of the PACE they met with respect such executioners as Kocharyan or Sargsyan, who had given orders to kill thousands of innocent Azerbaijanis, probably the current European politicians would have welcomed Serbian murderers with open arms? Milosevic and Karadzic were unlucky in one respect. They killed during the period of European romanticism. And they did not live to see the reactionary era of European realism. European politics respects the strongest. We must win and go forward. Strasbourg, like Stalin's Moscow, does not believe in tears.

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