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'Doctors' plot': Whom to believe after that? (Editorial)



During the years of Ilham Aliyev's presidency, Azerbaijan made a Great Leap, which led to the formation of the oil and gas industry, the spreading of transport and communication arteries, high social development and improvement of the quality of life. Azerbaijan's successes, incredible for the post-Soviet space, are impressive, but at the same time, the country is still among the developing countries.

Amazingly, during the coronavirus crisis, the situation in Azerbaijan is often compared with the level of social security and protection of the population in such prosperous and developed countries as Germany, Israel, Sweden and even the United States, which certainly does honour to the government of Ilham Aliyev. Both government circles and the expert community sometimes look with amazement at such attempts at comparative analysis. And the question is not so much in the history and origins of statehood, but in the imperfection and vulnerability of the socio-economic formation. After all, the market economy began to be created in Azerbaijan only 28 years ago. And the analogies even with the leading Latin American countries and the oil states of the Persian Gulf are blasphemous and implausible. The history of these countries has a 70-year revival of an independent economic model - with all the ups and downs, crises and catharsis.

Ilham Aliyev at the opening of 'Yeni Klinika'

And imagine that Azerbaijan, a state that has barely finished dealing with acute domestic and foreign policy problems, but is still languishing in a tough geopolitical grip, quickly adapted to the global restructuring of the world economic order and the reshaping of social life. Moreover, the Azerbaijani government has achieved systemic protection of the social rights of its citizens.

Ilham Aliyev manages the coronavirus crisis almost in manual mode - one after another, modular hospitals are put into operation, the president breaks through the unattainable for countries such as Brazil, India, Chile, Pakistan, the states of Eastern and Central Europe, import of vaccines and accelerates the process of vaccination of the population. It is on the initiative of Ilham Aliyev that salary increments are introduced for doctors... And what do the government and society get in return? Again corruption, bribery, selling of medicines...

Several years ago, Ilham Aliyev opened a new milestone in the history of the country. An active purge in the bureaucratic nomenklatura resulted in the regeneration of the ruling elite. The transformation of the management system has also been completed. Having got rid of the shadow of the post-Soviet past - the remnants of an oligarchic kleptocracy and a radiant clan rabble, the president put forward to the first roles young managers and reformers, yesterday's fair critics of the government system. And he gave the new managers carte blanche. The President has achieved the formation of a situation in which the upper classes would not want to rule in the old way, while the lower classes would want to live in a new way. Ilham Aliyev made a revolution from above.

However, the shocking 'doctor's plot,' of those very young and educated managers who were promoted to the first roles in the health sector, raises the most pressing and central issue on the national agenda: the problem of new thinking! The President, like a Caucasian Lee Kuan Yew, announced a new time, but while building a new formation, we had a problem with the carriers of new thinking. Chekhov's axiom about the importance of matching external beauty to the purity of thoughts ran into the Azerbaijani obstacle. The face is bright, but thoughts and soul...

With what hope, warmth and soul Ilham Aliyev opened his brainchild - Yeni Kilinika (New Clinic), designed to heal disadvantaged, orphaned people infected with vicious virus. And judging by the statement of the Prosecutor General's Office, a young doctor of medicine, Parviz Abbasov, who gave hope for the onset of quick changes, who received a mandate from the President personally to manage one of the perfect clinics in the region, was drawn into a corrupt octopus. The punishment was immediate and merciless! What cold hearts? What callous souls? To drive into a corner a patient, who is barely standing on his feet, struggling with his last strength with a new plague, for the sake of profit? To fall so low and lose faith in a higher mind?

What would they do with Parviz Abbasov in the Middle Ages? Spanish boot? Burning at stake? Quartering?

But Parviz Abbasov is not alone. Another head physician, of the modular hospital of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and another representative of the new generation, Imran Agayev, followed him into the corruption maelstrom. A few minutes later, another emergency message from the Prosecutor General's Office was heard. The head of the medical commission, who issued fake certificates to 'disabled people,' was arrested. What a scourge!

It is difficult to convey the feelings of the President - the angry soul of the authorities overwhelmed with indignation - because Ilham Aliyev, I repeat, personally asked these new and seemingly bright people to convey and complete the holy mission of healing the victims of global evil. What did the authorities receive in response? Corruption, misappropriation, greed and base bribery. What to do with these people? What to do with this barbarism, unprecedented even for the Middle Ages?! It is even difficult to imagine what the papal church would have done with the healers hanging over the souls of lepers. They would be bent in a Spanish boot, burned at the stake, subjected to all the horrors of the brutal Inquisition. Believe me, it is possible that Parviz Abbasov and Imran Agayev deserve the same, and maybe even worse punishment.

The fate of the two corrupt officials should become an object lesson in life for the entire bureaucratic apparatus, especially employees in the most socially vulnerable sectors - health care, education and social protection.

From time immemorial, money has tempted man. This is human nature. And an official who does not cope with an insatiable thirst can surrender his mandate and go into business. There is no money in the power. There is only room left for the servants of the people.

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