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Ilham Aliyev hurries development of liberated lands (Our afterword)



During the opening ceremony of the Hovsan substation in the Surakhani district, an interesting dialogue between the head of state and the chairman of Azerenerji OJSC Baba Rzayev took place, revealing the extreme zeal of President Ilham Aliyev in the rapid restoration of the liberated lands. Immediately after the official ceremony, the head of state inquired about the power supply of the liberated territories.

And the answer of Baba Rzayev, frankly speaking, surprised many. It turns out that the hydroelectric power station destroyed by the Armenians in the village of Sugovushan, Terter district, has already been restored, testing is underway there. All work has been completed in Shukurbayli and Shusha, where the second power transmission line has already been installed and there are no problems with power supply. The Fuzuli substation line is also ready, and in a month and a half it will be built. Some difficulties are experienced during the construction of a substation in the Kalbajar district - the lack of roads creates problems with the delivery of equipment. But construction is actively continuing, and a power line is being laid there from neighbouring Dashkesan - although the route is difficult, but short. Servicemen serving in the region also do not complain about the power supply.

Resonant dialogue between Ilham Aliyev and Baba Rzayev

Only five months have passed since the victory in the Second Karabakh War, and a lot of work has been done. Moreover, during the winter and by just one department. Now the weather conditions are improving, the pace of work will accelerate. And not only in the field of electrification of the region, which destroyed to the ground is being restored before our eyes. And this is no coincidence. Karabakh will take an important place in our economy, non-energy sector, as well as in the field of transportation.

Work has also begun to connect the three airports and railways. And Zangilan, completely destroyed by the Armenian occupation administration, taking into account its geographical location, can play the role of an important regional transport and logistics centre. Opportunities for attracting more investors to the non-energy sector and business are growing every day.

An important detail should be emphasised here. All plans and projects in the liberated territories are taken into account based on the possibilities of the Azerbaijani budget. Baku has not received any messages from international organisations about support. This is especially true of the European Union with its broad programs of support to the countries of the Eastern Partnership. Help, of course, will not be rejected, but it is necessary to restore our territories in any case. True, there are companies representing some EU countries that will participate in reconstruction projects. But this is far from the expectations of the Azerbaijani government, and time is short.

Indeed, in the next three years, it is planned to complete all major infrastructure projects, in particular railways and highways, electricity and water supply and the active phase of construction. And the construction of the road to Meghri will not take more than 2-2.5 years, of course, with appropriate coordination and if Armenia does not offer significant resistance.

Armenians even destroyed the water supply system in the occupied territories

At the same time, judging by the statement of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of Turkey, Adil Karaismailoglu, the construction of a highway connecting Azerbaijan with its exclave - the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has begun. Immediately upon completion of this road, construction of a railway from Azerbaijan to Nakhchivan will begin as well. The opening of direct transport links between Azerbaijan and the Nakhchivan exclave is one of the important points of the trilateral statement of the leaders of Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia of November 9, 2020.

Yes, President Ilham Aliyev is in a hurry and hurries others. According to his plans, from 2022, a phased return of citizens to the liberated lands in Karabakh will begin. And for this it is necessary to create decent living conditions and the necessary infrastructure. In particular, the construction of highways and power lines in the region has already begun. But even the water supply system was destroyed in the territory controlled by the Armenians. How can people live in such conditions and engage in agriculture? And that's not to mention the mines, with which the enemy literally sowed all the lands. Therefore, everything must be properly planned, town planning projects must be approved, and the government is doing fundamental work in this direction. The volume of work to be done is so great that the authorities are inviting foreign partners, since their own construction opportunities are not enough to restore the region within the specified time frame.

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