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First shots after second Karabakh war (Units of Azerbaijan's State Border Service put on full alert)



Six months after the end of the second Karabakh war and the signing of the trilateral agreement, Armenia tried for the second time to violate the status quo.

The first sortie took place in Hadrut in the late autumn of last year. Having sent specially trained saboteurs into the Karabakh forests, the Armenian authorities decided to create an imitation image of uncontrolled, aggressive-minded revanchist detachments that got out of the control of Yerevan. However, a brilliant special operation of special Azerbaijani units stopped the insidious onslaught of Armenian detachments, as a result of which innocent employees of Azerbaijani companies involved in construction work were killed in Hadrut and other regions of Karabakh.

The second provocation took place a day earlier, on April 22, with the participation of regular Armenian units. Moreover, the Armenian side instigated tension on the line of the Zangezur section of the conditional Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

A new provocation from the Armenian soldiers followed

As is known, according to the agreement reached in the negotiations within the framework of the trilateral joint commission, the Armenian and Azerbaijani troops withdrew to the borders established between the two republics during the existence of the USSR - in 1975.

Quite unexpectedly, in a perfidious manner typical of the Armenian armed forces, the servicemen opened fire on the positions of the Azerbaijani Border Service in the village of Seidlyar, Zangilan district. Later, it was reported that Armenian servicemen also opened fire on soldiers of the Russian FSB Border Service who were on combat duty at the border. However, at the request of the Russian side, the Azerbaijani border guards did not respond to the shooting of the Armenians with a flurry. The Russians attributed the incident to the arbitrariness of drunken Armenian soldiers who got out of the control of the Armenian command. Identical scenario of sorties of uncontrolled saboteurs! In principle, given the rampant chaos that gripped the Armenian army, the Russian version of the incident would be credible if it were not for the subsequent development of alarming events.

On another section of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, in the village of Shurnukh, Gubadli district, several dozen Armenian vehicles drove up close to the Azerbaijani posts. Unknown persons shouted insulting slogans, provoking Azerbaijani soldiers to take preventive measures. But the Azerbaijani command again met the incitement of the Armenian side with stern composure and restraint...

Is it a fatal coincidence, but a series of prepared provocations against Azerbaijani combat units, moreover, in the Zangezur section of the contact line, took place in the midst of a heated debate over the implementation of the notorious 'Zangezur Corridor' - a route connecting Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia and Turkey along the so-called Syunik region (historical Zangezur) and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Azerbaijan's border troops are on full alert

Literally a few hours before the attempt to ignite a new round of clashes, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, in an interview with the state TV channel, expressed regret about the destructive position of the Pashinyan government, disastrous for the future fate of Armenia itself, which impedes the implementation of the 'Zangezur Corridor' envisaged by the Moscow agreement - a route that should connect through Azerbaijan with Nakhchivan. Azerbaijan provided the Armenian population of Karabakh with a corridor through the de-occupied Lachin district, in exchange for getting a corridor to Nakhchivan. But Armenia is breaking the agreements, in every possible way delaying the start of construction work. Although the functioning of the Lachin corridor itself is envisaged for several years, up to the construction of a new road from the places of compact residence of the Armenian population in Karabakh to Armenia.

Ilham Aliyev openly said that if Armenia hinders the implementation of the Moscow agreements, Azerbaijan reserves the right to use force to resolve the issue - to clear the corridor and achieve the implementation of the most important point of the peace agreement.

A few hours after the statement of the Azerbaijani president, fire was opened from the Armenian side. And it is on the line of the Zangezur border.

Baku is convinced that the replicated statement about drunken Armenian soldiers, who were later, they say, punished and relocated, is an inept attempt to cover up the traces of a war crime. After that, well-chosen provocateurs from among the civilian population tried to provoke Azerbaijani soldiers to shoot at the attackers. Only high discipline and an effective command system in the Azerbaijani Army did not allow the inspired incident to grow into something more and even into a big bloody meat grinder with unpredictable consequences.

But if the Armenian side continues with curiosity to continue to experience the nerves, restraint and, finally, the composure of Azerbaijani soldiers, in the event of another 'drunken brawl' of 'uncontrolled' Armenian soldiers, the advanced units will be forced to apply a symmetrical and, probably, devastating blow to the violators of peace and stability. What dramatic and tragic consequences such a military clash will lead to is anyone's guess.

In any case, as it became known to Azeri Daily from official sources, the units at the forefront of the State Border Service were put on full alert and were ordered to retaliate in case of new provocations from the Armenian side.

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