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West squeezed Huawei into Karabakh (In President's footsteps)



Attacks on leading Chinese companies, especially in the field of ICT technologies, that began in the United States under ex-President Donald Trump, were quickly picked up by other Western countries. The tech giant Huawei also suffered greatly. Even the 5G technology offered by the company for mobile communications, which is attractive in all respects, was rejected by European countries. The West avoids Chinese technologies for a far-fetched reason, they say, information leaks are possible. And in Azerbaijan, Huawei found understanding.

Ilham Aliyev at the Huawei exhibition salon long before the liberation of Karabakh

During the recent trip of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to the Zangilan district, one remembers his meeting with a representative of the Chinese company in the village of Aghali. The General Manager of Huawei-Azerbaijan, David Zhang, presented to the head of state the digital technology 'smart village' developed by the company. And he immediately stressed that Huawei-Azerbaijan will use this technology not only in this village, but also in all reconstructed territories in Karabakh. Thus showing that the company has come to the region for a long time and is aware of the full responsibility of its obligations.

According to the general manager, being the leading company in ICT technologies in the world, Huawei intends to present all the latest advanced technologies in Karabakh, and in the future to take part in the development of 'smart villages.' The company is a major supplier of leading smart city and smart village technologies and has extensive experience in this area. It already has more than 100 global projects of this type. And this experience will be very useful for it in the restoration of thousands of square kilometres of lands liberated from the occupation, where the Armenian barbarians left no stone unturned. It is this approach to restoration work that the head of state demands.

To provide advanced technologies for the smart village in Karabakh, the company will deliver the most modern and advanced products and technologies to the region. By the way, it is in Azerbaijan that Huawei is using the AirPON Gigabyte technology for the first time. And this device, which the general manager calls simply AirPON, was demonstrated to President Aliyev. What is the power or secret of the device?

Many years later, Ilham Aliyev got acquainted with the products of the Chinese giant in Zangilan

Suffice it to say that this technology can reduce the laying of fibre-optic lines from 10 kilometres to 1 kilometre. And what such a 10-fold reduction gives is not hard to guess. Thus, the company can speed up network setup and save costs. And the money for the restoration comes from the Azerbaijani state budget. And this is only the first stage. Having created at this stage of the smart village project a safe living environment in Karabakh, the company is further implementing the systems of smart education, smart health care and smart agriculture. This is how the Chinese see the smart village in Karabakh, coordinated with Azerbaijan.

And according to the Minister of Agriculture Inam Karimov, the installation will also distribute up to 100 megabits of wireless Internet, after the installation of a telephone antenna, the village will be provided with Internet. All this should provide the villagers in the region with the comfort that many city dwellers dream of, even in the capital. And it is unlikely that such concern of the state will remain unappreciated by hundreds of thousands of indigenous inhabitants of these lands, forced to wander in other people's shelters for 30 years.

Zangilan will be revived based on modern living standards

In addition, all this is far from a complete list of works to be performed by Huawei in the liberated territories. As you can see, they go far beyond the boundaries of one village or district. The Chinese company, which is under unprecedented pressure in Western countries (mostly for political reasons), has found a worthy place in Karabakh. And it seems that it will have to limit its advanced projects only to this region for not so long time. Karabakh, which has multiplied the image of the Turkish Bayraktars, will with renewed vigour bring the Chinese smart projects that were forced into the shadows to enter the world arena once more.

It is no coincidence that President Ilham Aliyev expressed his gratitude and wished the company success. After all, this is the country's first project in the destroyed Karabakh region. Participation in the project of Huawei, which is a good partner of Azerbaijan, is also not accidental. During one of his visits to China, the head of state visited the company's headquarters in Beijing, where he got acquainted with its activities. The Baku office of the company has also proved itself positively. And there will be a lot of work in the liberated territories. We have hundreds of villages and cities destroyed by the Armenian aggressors. Now we need to revive them on the basis of modern living standards. So all that remains is to wish the Chinese company success in its work in the rest of the territories liberated from the occupation too.

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