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Pashinyan parted ways with Putin and Aliyev (Our reaction)



Pashinyan's French voyage revealed a new position of Armenia, somewhat different ideas of the political leadership of this country about the future of the South Caucasus region. Next to Macron, Pashinyan looked somewhat bolder, trying on the knightly armour of the Jesuit order. It was a different Pashinyan, not the same lost prime minister, standing with his head bowed at the table in Vladimir Putin's office. And at the leg of the chair, next to Pashinyan's leg, was a folder with pieces of paper. In Paris, Pashinyan called the Trilateral Statement signed with Aliyev and Putin some kind of a piece of paper that, in his words, 'stopped the war, but did not solve the problem.' According to Pashinyan, the creeping process continues.

Something happened to the memory of the Armenian PM, if he calls the Moscow Agreement 'a piece of paper'

Pashinyan is absolutely right about one thing: in Yerevan on the eve of the parliamentary elections, in the midst of the political struggle, a creeping process really began. And it is completely unclear how this creeping process will end for Pashinyan himself. A completely different reality became obvious to us: Pashinyan, who provoked hostilities with Azerbaijan in 2020, is preparing for new provocations. And he went to Paris precisely with the aim of obtaining Macron's support for his incitements and new insinuations. Pay attention to the rhetoric of the Armenian prime minister: 'The creeping process continues. It was this realisation that did not allow the Karabakh issue to be resolved earlier, and this is a very deep, complex knot, the resolution of which, in fact, was impossible. The challenges remain, the threat is the same, and this is the biggest challenge we face today. In my understanding, in order to open a new peaceful era for the Armenian people, it is necessary to face these challenges.'

Pashinyan frankly stated in Paris that the establishment of a final peace is still far away, and the Armenian people, in order to find a lasting peace, must once again face new challenges. By and large, Pashinyan returned to his adventurous rhetoric of the pre-war period, which ultimately, according to the convictions of all three ex-presidents of Armenia - Ter-Petrosyan, Kocharyan and Sargsyan, provoked the war in Karabakh. Surprisingly, the Armenian political elite demonstrated absolute unanimity with the Azerbaijani establishment in assessing Pashinyan's political provocations preceding the second Karabakh war. The Armenian PM torpedoed the negotiation process within the framework of the Minsk Group and outlined the uncompromising position of his state regarding the future fate of Karabakh. Armenia's surrender in the war, which Pashinyan now disparagingly calls a 'piece of paper' in Paris, and which he himself signed under the onslaught of a tragic reality for Yerevan and its army, did not bring the raving Armenian prime minister with shifting eyes to his senses. And in fact, with his statement, the inconsistent Pashinyan questioned the implementation of the peace agreement and preparations for the conclusion of a final peace treaty.

Pashinyan predicts that the Armenian people will face new challenges. One can imagine how a new delusional statement by the insane head of government, convicted of a terrible crime, will be met in rebellious Yerevan. The entire Armenian society is shocked by Pashinyan's cynicism, who hid hundreds of bodies of soldiers killed in the war in refrigerators under Ijevan apricots. And this fiend of evil and treachery continues to talk about new wars and the struggle of the Armenian people.

The cause of the revolution requires several thousand more bodies of Armenian soldiers hidden under the Ijevan apricots

For the final victory of the Armenian people, Pashinyan needs several thousand more young lives. Pashinyan was not revived even by the loud protests of the French Armenians gathered at the Armenian Embassy in Paris, who greeted the head of the Armenian government with short but meaningful slogans: 'Capitulator and traitor.' Pashinyan somehow stupidly began to express his bewilderment: why do the French Armenians speak so insultingly about the revolutionary and liberal leader of Armenia? He was ready to meet this aggressive crowd in Yerevan and even in Moscow, but not in Paris. After all, he, with his own hands, brought Karabakh to the altar of liberalism along with the desecrated Armenia. What else do the French liberals want from him? What are they branding him for?

And these same terrible Armenians surrounded the prime minister's car and even tried to break the windows. To reach out to a degraded politician who has lost his sense of reality. He was rescued by the French police, just as Armenian law enforcement officers do during meetings with voters in the regions.

Nevertheless, Pashinyan found sympathy in one house. At the Elysee Palace. For this sympathy and support, Pashinyan was brought as an inconvenient parcel to Paris. Escaping from the encirclement of aggressive Syunik and then French Armenians, Pashinyan fell into the arms of his patron Emmanuel Macron. The West, represented by Macron, Soros and Washington, is quite comfortable with Pashinyan, he is a very convenient figure, not even a bat, but a suitable lump in the old anti-Russian game. After the formation of a self-sufficient sovereign power in Georgia, Pashinyan became the last alluring foothold of the West in the South Caucasus, and no one wants to let go of this easily manageable, ugly, but still plush toy. Their own son of a bitch!

Macron is not stupid enough not to notice Pashinyan's oligophrenia. But the French president really needs to return to the South Caucasus

Pashinyan's new calls for war in Paris became an overture to Macron's main statement. The plot of the French president's speech boiled down to the clearly expressed goal of an aggressive geopolitical invasion of the region.

Judge for yourself, Macron says that France is ready to help in the ceasefire. But no military actions were noticed in the region. In addition, the ceasefire is maintained by the Russian peacekeeping forces. And besides Pashinyan, no one announced the need to deploy observers from France at the border. Including the Armenian opposition. But Macron is introducing himself with his disservice. What does Macron offer or can offer that is new, which was beyond the power of Russia? A ceasefire? This mode is already set. Freeing the prisoners? All are released, except for the saboteurs. De-escalation and direct negotiations between the parties? Armenia and Azerbaijan are conducting a direct dialogue in Moscow with the mediation of the Russian deputy prime minister.

Macron insists on delimitation? So delimitation with subsequent demarcation is the most important part of the Moscow agreement, which Macron's favourite is trying to prevent.

What else did Macron offered that Moscow cannot offer? 'France demands the withdrawal of Azerbaijani troops from the border areas with Armenia. France is in solidarity with Armenia and supports it,' said Macron. So, it was necessary to start precisely from that. Paris did not discover America. And it would be surprising if Macron called on Pashinyan to carry out a delimitation with Azerbaijan on the basis of Soviet political maps.

Macron nevertheless reveals the true intention of the collective West: 'We are determined to finally return to the region.' Macron, along with Soros and Washington, of course, can return to the region, but only through the back entrance, that is, Armenia, if the main shareholder of the so-called Armenian state allows them. Pashinyan once ventured to let Macron and Soros pass through the back door, but how it ended, and how would it still end for the one conceived by a vicious revolution of love, the French will see after 20 June parliamentary elections in boiling Yerevan.

Pashinyan still does not understand what and who awaits him in Yerevan

On the other hand, in what capacity do the French want to return to the region? NATO military mission? So let them try, in Azerbaijan they burn out with curiosity to watch the denouement of the last Armenian drama. Free spectacle! And you don't have to pay drams for it!

And for Macron, on the eve of his own elections, would be better to pay attention to the appalling state of his own economy, new security challenges and the collapse of the healthcare system. Needless to say, if a European country on the brink of economic disaster is in a fever in endless convulsions and political strife. But Macron is not interested in this, he would return to the South Caucasus, as if he was present here once, at least in the last 10-20 years...

So, Pashinyan unexpectedly surfaced in Paris and is preparing for the Brussels throw, based on two goals. First, show his own electorate the support of the collective West. Second, with the support of the same West and Macron, to call into question the Trilateral Peace Agreement, announcing preparations for a new round of struggle with Azerbaijan. Pashinyan and Macron promised the Armenian people new wars and a new series of destabilisation. Armenians with Macron and Pashinyan will not have a quiet life. Azerbaijan also drew conclusions for itself. Pashinyan's Paris adventure did not go unnoticed in Moscow either...

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