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Journalists' death on the conscience of journalist Pashinyan (Silence of Europeans continues)



The tragic deaths of Siraj Abbasov and reporter Arif Aliyev opened up a bleeding wound: the dramatic consequences of the Karabakh conflict. In this year, according to the report of the international journalistic organisation 'Reporters without Borders,' S. Abbasov and A. Aliyev became the first dead journalists in a hot spot. The selfless, courageous and to some extent fatal profession of a journalist, when one often has to walk on a fragile rope over a deep devilish fiery abyss, especially in our new post-liberal world, which does not recognise the rules and values ​​of human life, this is perhaps the only inherited legacy from the liberal era, impressive quixotism. Everything else in the political establishment is rotten through and through with callous cynicism.

Siraj and Arif hurried to tell the truth

In today's world, journalists die not only for the sake of and in the name of truth, but in order to convey the message to all other people. The usual news. And in the case of Abbasov and Aliyev, there is news of the missing. Recently, in Kalbajar, a mass grave was discovered of Azerbaijanis shot by Armenian soldiers at point-blank range during the first Karabakh war, who did not have time to leave the place of their ancestors. Journalists hurried to this mass grave. Not suspecting that an insidious death awaits them on their way. Leaving the Azerbaijani lands, Armenian soldiers chaotically, in a hurry and with a thirst for new blood, new death, placed mines on all roads. Thousands of mines remained after the first war, Karabakh never became a land of peace and harmony. And to all desperate demands and requests for mine maps on these lands, the Armenians respond with a vile and shameful refusal. For the sake of new sacrifices to the spirit of death, so that the blood would take to the sky and irrigate this earth. This is what the journalist Pashinyan wants, who has become an oppressive power.

Our colleagues, colleagues of Pashinyan himself, also fell into the trap of death. First journalists killed in a hot spot this year. And Karabakh, like the entire Armenian-Azerbaijani border, still remains a hot spot, despite all the admonitions of politicians. Mines explode, bullets whistle. People are dying. This means that the war continues.

In 2020 and in the first half of this year, journalists died in the fight against corruption, organised crime, we were dealt with even after articles on environmental pollution. Journalists were killed in Mexico, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan. To take away the right from people to learn the truth. Last year, Iran's authorities, despite the loud consolidated demarche of the world community, carried out the death sentence of opposition blogger Ruhollah Zam. For the first time in 30 years a journalist has been executed! And isn't this execution a dangerous omen of the degradation of humanity to the political and spiritual Middle Ages?!

Journalist Pashinyan will not write about the deaths of Azerbaijani journalists. He himself became an oppressive power

The tragic death of Siraj Abbasov and Arif Aliyev, or rather their murder, premeditated murder, will remain on the conscience of the Armenian authorities and the Yerevan military. And the death of these journalists is not the last death. Everything is just beginning, which places responsibility on international human rights organisations that have shown and continue to show criminal silence in response to the defiant nature of the criminal actions of the Armenian authorities.

If the war is over, then why does this long-suffering land continue to blaze? Why do mines and shells explode? Why are Armenian soldiers still trying to infiltrate Azerbaijan, killing and blowing up everything in their path? And why the Europeans, so sensitive to the fate of some medieval monument in Karabakh, do not appeal to the Armenian authorities: show the maps of minefields, because people are dying! Why are Reporters Without Borders silent? Amnesty International is silent too. Why? Human rights defenders from Human Rights Watch are hiding somewhere. One wants to hear the voice of a lonely person in the gloomy European desert - Dunja Mijatovic! As a journalist who has been in dungeons, I know how Dunja Mijatovic can fight for the rights of journalists...

Waiting for the weighty word of Dunja Mijatovic

Siraj and Arif are neither the first nor the last. And on these fields other journalists will die, who will approach the mass graves through mines and obstacles. There is nothing more valuable than a human life. Believe me, human life is more valuable than the fate of some monument. And we must ring the bells to awaken the sleeping conscience of Europeans who may not notice the murder of Siraj and Arif. To save the lives of new journalists who rush to the bodies of the new victims...

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