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Armenians use Ilham Aliyev as an example for Ter-Petrosyan, Kocharyan, Sargsyan and Pashinyan (Baghramyan's genuine truth)



The news that the three-kilometre landing strip of Fuzuli International Airport, built in an unprecedented record time -- in just seven months (!) -- received one after the other two of the world's largest passenger planes -- airbus A-350-500 and the giant cargo Boeing 747-400 owned by Azerbaijani airlines AZAL and SilkWay respectively, plunged the civil society of Armenia into the deepest shock...

28 years later, the first Azerbaijani plane in Karabakh shocked Armenia...

While the Armenian intelligentsia and the general public, suffering from the post-traumatic syndrome after the defeat in the war, continue to look for the guilty, curse their enemies, shake the air with their fists and sprinkle ashes on their heads, Azerbaijan is rapidly restoring the liberated territories, turning them into a giant construction site.

Two more international airports will soon be commissioned: in East Zangezur (in Lachin and Zangilan), modern highways, high-voltage substations, tunnels, water supply systems, residential areas are being built, abandoned enterprises and mines, destroyed and desecrated historical, religious and cultural monuments are being restored...

And now about how the Armenian people perceive today the picture of construction and changes in the liberated territories, which in Yerevan are still called 'primordially Armenian lands' or 'provinces of the Great Armenian Kingdom of the times of the early Roman Empire.' For several decades, the Armenians have considered this land theirs. However, even savages do not destroy the land that they consider theirs. But this is exactly what the Armenians did during the thirty years of occupation of the Azerbaijani territories…

Centre of the city of Fuzuli, which the Armenians renamed Varanda... Even savages do not destroy the land they consider theirs

Well, now let's look at what is happening through the eyes of ordinary Armenians. Judging by the countless 'likes' on social networks, the post published on one of the most popular telegram channels in Armenia 'Baghramyan-26' and later reprinted by the Internet resource Proarmenian can be considered a kind of pronounced 'cry from the heart' of the institutions of Armenian public opinion:

'Today,' writes the author of the post, 'the first Azerbaijani plane landed at the new airport of temporarily occupied (?) Varanda (the ancient Roman name of Fuzuli district founded in the nineteenth century - Azeri Daily). But the post is not about that.

'Of course, Azerbaijan will not be saved by its projects, no matter how grandiose they may be. The enemy will be defeated. Our brothers and sisters will be avenged, and our lands will be returned, and we have no doubt about that. The thought is about something else. In less than a year, the enemy has implemented at least ten infrastructure projects in these lands. The road to Shushi (the name of the capital of Karabakh founded by Panahali Khan, the city of Shusha, distorted by the Armenians - Azeri Daily), the tunnels through Hadrut and Mravsky (the name of Murovdag distorted by the Armenians - Azeri Daily) ridge, the airport in Fuzuli, etc. Whereas in 30 years after the war (the first Karabakh war), only one of our serious infrastructure projects comes to mind -- the road through Karvachar (the name of Kalbajar desecrated by the Armenians - Azeri Daily), and then thanks to the All-Armenian Fund and God knows how much corruption there was.

'In this regard, the question is: why is Levon Ter-Petrosyan still alive and driving around Yerevan in a "Cadillac," while he was the author of the first rigged elections and gave rise to this practice, which was further improved by Kocharyan and Sargsyan?

'And why is Kocharyan still alive, who ruled at the time of such an upsurge in the world economy and the flow of money, that he could have realised projects much better than what Azerbaijan is doing today? But he chose to rule like Narcissus, making himself a prince, stealing and killing, and now with a bunch of people like him, he is posing as a saviour.

'Or why is Sargsyan still alive, whose family brought corruption and nepotism in Armenia to perfection and the result of their rule was the arrival of such an absolute mediocrity as Pashinyan?

'Why are all these people alive?

'Why because of their colossal crimes we had to lose our lands and our sons, and they have to walk on the earth?

'We will return everything and take revenge on the enemy, but I think these scoundrels should get theirs first...'

The logic of the author of the post is limping on both legs. Even if the leaders of Armenia did not steal money from the treasury and did not breed corruption in all echelons of power, but invested it in the development of 'primordially Armenian territories,' the defeat of Armenia in the second Karabakh war would still be inevitable -- as you know, any occupation regime is historically doomed, this is not a matter of worldview, but of time.

Kocharyan and Sargsyan rushed to Yerevan to take away the "Cadillac" from Ter-Petrosyan

And then, did Ter-Petrosyan, Kocharyan, Sargsyan, Pashinyan come to power as a result of a military coup? Didn't the majority of the citizens of Armenia, who so boast of the liberal-democratic traditions of their country, voted for them? And who, then, are the 'scoundrels who must get theirs'? Leaders carrying out the mandate of the nation, or the nation that gave birth to such poor leaders?

Resentment at the predatory nature of the political leaders of Armenia was picked up by colleagues of the author of the post from Proarmenian. They cited the example of the founding father of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, who moved with his family after his retirement from safe Tel Aviv to kibbutz Sde Boker, located in the Negev desert, where, like Diocletian, he grew vegetables in the first half of the day, and in the evening he was engaged in politics, convincing the people of how important it is to settle and develop the border regions. They say, if Levon Ter-Petrosyan, Robert Kocharyan or Serzh Sargsyan had moved to Fuzuli in due time, this would certainly have led the Armenian society not to today's degradation, but to the creation of a modern army, the settlement of the 'liberated territories' and the transformation of Karabakh into an impregnable fortress. First, two ex-presidents -- Kocharyan and Sargsyan -- opened the way to the highest echelons of power in Yerevan with the help of the weapons of 'Karabakh separatism.' That is, for these fugitives, this 'Stepanakert riffraff,' Karabakh served only as a springboard for seizing power in Armenia itself. The target was not Karabakh, but Yerevan, and the seizure and then reformatting of the system of predatory accumulation of primary capital built by Ter-Petrosyan in the 1990s, which was later transformed into the basis of the Armenian statehood -- a corruption pyramid. After the barbaric plunder of seven occupied districts, there was nothing to catch in Stepanakert. Why would the crooks who seized power in Armenia move to Karabakh again? If Karabakh, along with the washed-up idea of ​​a 'separatist republic,' were of any value to them, would they exchange the ascetic life of warlords for gilded toilets in Yerevan?

Ter-Petrosyan insisted on turning halfway

Second, I repeat, the parallel with the Prime Minister of Israel looks strange and historically illiterate: the convinced Social Democrat David Ben-Gurion actively promoted the idea of ​​settling the south of Israel, and not the occupied territories. Suppose the author is right, and Kocharyan and Sargsyan would have moved their residence to Karabakh. With the help of what financial and human resources would they be able to revive the land, which had been put to fire and sword, devastated by the barbarian army on their own orders? Destroy in order to create later? In the name of what? The mythologised idea of ​​a second Armenian state in the territories of Azerbaijan was a priori doomed. It was an ideological miscarriage. A stillborn child! This is what the first Armenian President Levon Ter-Petrosyan, who suddenly saw the light of day, was trying to convince his like-minded people. He urged the Karabakh tandemocracy to turn halfway. Stop and accept the model of the Azerbaijani compromise peace. The result turned out to be more than deplorable for the 'Armenian political trio' -- 30 years of struggle were wasted, Karabakh is forever lost, the first Armenian statehood is bursting at the seams, and tomorrow is entrusted to an adventurer ruler...

However, in Yerevan, the hunt for 'political witches' has already begun, who are blamed for all mortal sins and, first of all, for the current degradation of the Armenian society.

Ilham Aliyev is reviving Karabakh. Armenian journalists believe that Armenian leaders should have lived and ruled like Aliyev

'Today, Ilham Aliyev,' writes Proarmenian, 'is doing what our government should have done since 1995. But brick by brick, the corruption and anti-state system created by it was built, the result of which was the arrival of the incompetent demagogue Nikol Pashinyan. Definitely today it is necessary to revise the entire political culture of the Armenian society...'

It is difficult to add anything to the above thought. Although after the above, the only vital question still arises: is it worth considering something that does not exist and, apparently, never existed?

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