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For Shusha, Buisson is being scolded from Spain to Nikaragua



Jean-Christophe Buisson, deputy editor of the famous French publication Le Figaro, found himself at the centre of an international scandal after drawing an unfortunate, to put it mildly, parallel between the actions of the Azerbaijani military in Karabakh and the behaviour of the Taliban in Afghanistan. In fact, he openly sided with the Armenian military, not bothering to ask who actually destroyed and what.

The scribbler confused Aghdam with Panjshir

Buisson used unconfirmed information that the Taliban militants destroyed the mausoleum of the legendary Ahmad Shah Massoud in the Panjshir province and compared it with 'khachkars and Armenian monuments destroyed in Karabakh.'

However, Jean-Christophe Buisson, like the publication Le Figaro headed by him, always adhered to a pro-Armenian position and looked for the slightest excuse to discredit Azerbaijan. But this time, this clicker scribbler disdained journalistic ethics and went from criticism to outright insult, not at all bothering with at least circumstantial evidence.

However, the times have passed when few people knew about Karabakh and the vandalism perpetrated there by the invaders in relation to Azerbaijani cultural and religious objects. After Azerbaijan liberated its land, the region became accessible to the international community, including foreign journalists. And colleagues-journalists, who saw with their own eyes the consequences of the occupation for the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Azerbaijani people, did not fail to harshly condemn the corrupt French journalist.

In particular, the Spanish edition of Horrapress, the Mexican Mipuntodevista, Clubjuridico, Chanboox, Expresionmexico, and the Ecuadorian Centroecuador made editorials, pointing out to the colleague from Le Figaro that his statements are unworthy of an employee of a well-known publication of a civilised country, even in the form of a metaphor.

A special issue of Buisson's attack on Azerbaijan was also prepared by the well-known Nicaraguan television channel Globo TV.

Azeri Daily presents readers with a translation of an article by one of the foreign media outlets, which, in fact, conveys the meaning of all other publications on this topic.

'As representatives of the international press, we are outraged by the categorical statement on Twitter by the deputy editor of Le Figaro Magazine, Jean-Christophe Buisson, who presented Azerbaijanis and the events in Karabakh in a distorted light.

'The press should not be unsubstantiated and one-sided. M. Jean-Christophe Buisson cannot fail to know this, but he allowed himself to neglect this main principle of journalism. And he does it in his own interests. Obviously, one of the leaders of Le Figaro Magazine, positioning itself as a democratic and free media, is following the lead of the Armenian lobby not unselfishly. Does this mean that the world famous magazine no longer has anything to do with the democratic press, which provides neutral and balanced coverage of political events? In any case, Buisson's opinion, irresponsibly expressed on Twitter, casts a shadow on all publications, on each of his employees.

'Meanwhile, the world learned from a certain time, moreover, it became convinced that Azerbaijan is a secular, multi-confessional and tolerant country. From time immemorial, it was the homeland of people of various ethnicities and religions, and never a single ethnic group was oppressed there, as never a single synagogue, mosque, church, even temples of fire worshipers was destroyed and even more desecrated. Historical development, geographical location and ethnic composition determined the religious diversity of Azerbaijan and the respectful attitude of all people living on its territory to each other's religion. Azerbaijan is faithful to its age-old traditions today. Multiculturalism is a state policy in this country, which is approved and shared by the entire population.

'A vivid example of the multicultural principles of Azerbaijan is the contribution to the restoration of Christian monuments in the Vatican, France and other countries, while the majority of its population is Muslim.

World media reminded Buisson of the country that revived the Roman catacombs: Azerbaijan

'It was Azerbaijan that made it possible to restore the Roman catacombs of Saints Peter, Marcellinus and Sebastian and, by the way, made a significant financial contribution to the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, damaged by fire.

'And how, one wonders, could Azerbaijanis, so tolerant, with deep respect for the shrines of any nation, destroy other people's cemeteries and monuments?

'But today the whole world knows about the incalculable damage inflicted by the Armenian military on the Azerbaijani religious buildings and historical sites in the territory of Karabakh.

'A significant part of the spiritual heritage of the Azerbaijani people was looted and destroyed -- more than 500 historical and architectural monuments, 100 archaeological sites, 22 museums with 40,000 exhibits, 9 ancient palaces, 44 temples, both Muslim mosques and Christian churches, including ancient Albanian... Moreover, in order to offend the religious feelings of Azerbaijanis, pigsties were set up in several mosques.

'Neither the world community as a whole, nor even a single international organisation, recognised "Artsakh," rightly pointing out that such a region is not mentioned in historical sources as an independent entity. There is only Karabakh, and this is the historical territory of Azerbaijan! And Azerbaijan, according to all international laws, had the right and liberated its lands.

But there is also the name of the country that turned the ancient Islamic mosques in the Caucasus into pigsties: Armenia

'Having occupied Karabakh, the Armenians committed not only cultural vandalism there, but also carried out numerous atrocities against the indigenous Azerbaijani population. And by burning forests, barbarously extracting minerals, the invaders inflicted irreparable damage to the ecology of the region. An incomprehensible fact for civilised humanity: the relict mountain forests around Shusha suffered from the use of phosphorus bombs by the Armenian military.

'If Jean-Christophe Buisson did not know all this, which, of course, is hard to believe, then let him now take note of it, and at the same time look into the history textbook to finally figure out which people Karabakh belongs to and who lived there from time immemorial.

'And, of course, let him remember that it is not appropriate for a journalist to dance to the tune of certain groups of people for any material benefit whatsoever. In this case, a very prosperous Armenian lobby in France. And even more so, one should not embarrass such a respectable publication as Le Figaro.'

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