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Lavrov sent Pashinyan under cold shower (Main topic)



Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement in connection with the anniversary of the trilateral agreements between the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia on a ceasefire in the zone of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

The document is written in the most neutral language possible. That does not interfere with its content -- it truly has the character of a 'cold shower' for Yerevan, after which Armenian politicians are literally exposed to frost, where their illusions and dreams will completely evaporate.

Both Russia and Azerbaijan are confronted by a den cut off from the new geopolitics

Let's start with the name of the document, in which there is no 'Nagorno-Karabakh,' but there is 'the zone of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.' However, further in the text the word 'region' is still present. But you must admit that the 'region' is not a country. That is, Moscow simply refuses to consider the ever-memorable 'NKR' with 'Artsakh' (if the Armenians themselves got confused with their Artsakhs, then what should Moscow do?) as a state entity. Indeed, life for the Armenian establishment is pain.

The OSCE Minsk Group is spoken of exclusively 'in the context of solving the socio-economic and humanitarian tasks facing the region.' Another loss for Yerevan, since the 'Madrid principles' have been sent to the dustbin of history and have turned from a political factor into rubbish that is no longer interesting to anyone. Good riddance -- they did not bring region nothing good, except for the war.

About refugees. There was a lot of speculation that Ilham Aliyev named the figure 25 thousand, and Vladimir Putin - 53 thousand. But as it usually happens with Armenian diplomacy, everything was taken from thin air, a storm in a glass of water traditional for Yerevan. The Russian president spoke about those refugees who, after signing the trilateral statement, returned to Karabakh at least once and registered their trip. Whether they stayed there or just came to pick up their favourite toilet bowl, heating radiators or cut down a couple of telegraph poles -- 'not a nail to the insidious invaders' -- it does not matter at all.

No mysticism -- only bad news for the Armenian side

Whereas Ilham Aliyev spoke about active residents, which, you see, is a big difference. Both presidents were right, but they talked about different things. Does this make Yerevan easier? I strongly doubt it.

A very important point in the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry is the following nuance: 'With the participation of Russian peacekeepers, since December 2, 2020, a total of 122 prisoners of war and detainees have been returned. Of these, 105 were returned to Armenia, 17 to Azerbaijan.' And just below in the text of the document it is said: 'We continue to make efforts to resolve the remaining humanitarian tasks as soon as possible, including the release of all detainees.' The prisoners of war have disappeared somewhere -- and where could they go?

No mysticism -- only bad news for the Armenian side: there are no prisoners of war on the territory of Azerbaijan, no matter how hard they try to assert the opposite. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, there are only 'detained persons' left, whose fate will be decided by the Azerbaijani court, which will give an objective answer as to how these Armenian persons were among the 'detained.'

And one more nuance in the wording: 'provision of reliable maps of minefields in full.' In fact, Moscow bluntly stated that Yerevan had been lying for a long time on this issue and was engaged in forgery. Brazenly and persistently. Which, however, did not help it in the least, and the statement directly exposes this.

The document of the Russian diplomatic department also contains not a word about the future of the Karabakh region, its status and other things. There are no such issues on the agenda -- period. Everything was decided a year ago by the valiant Azerbaijani Army, the President-Liberator and the political will of Baku.

However, the Armenian politicians would not be themselves if they did not manage to extract some kind of phantom from the coined formulations of Moscow. Now they began to rejoice over the 'corridor' nature of the Meghri section. About which, by the way, there is not a word at all in the document. What to be happy about here is completely incomprehensible. However, we must never forget that we are confronted by a den cut off from the new geopolitics. The establishment is very far from reality, understanding of problems, a new balance of power in the region and common sense...

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