News 27 april — 09:22

Azerbaijan eases quarantine regime (From today)


From Monday, 27 April, in Azerbaijan, some of the restrictions imposed on the territory of the country in connection with the threat of coronavirus are being relaxed.

The report of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan notes that the current sanitary and epidemiological situation with COVID-19 has bee analysed, in particular, the dynamics and geography of the disease, the density of people in quarantine zones, the prevalence of the virus, and it has been decided to relax some restrictions from 27 April 2020.

From 12 am on 27 April 2020 throughout the country:

  1) Reception of citizens at ASAN centres is resumed through a preliminary online queue through the 'ASAN Xidmət' mobile application, the website and call centres;

  2) Following areas of business and services are resumed:

     ● individual instructional and tutoring services (excluding group classes)

     ● selling books

     ● newspaper sales

     ● sale of office supplies

     ● copying and printing activities

     ● photo shops / photo studios

     ● cleaning services in apartments

     ● tailoring services

     ● sale of cosmetics and perfumes

     ● sale of clothes

     ● sale of shoes and leather goods

     ● sale of gold, other jewelry and pawnshop activity

     ● sale and repair of mobile devices, spare parts and accessories

     ● sale and repair of computer equipment

     ● sale of electronics and household appliances

     ● furniture sale

     ● car sale

     ● sale of chemical products

     ● sale of flowers and crop products

     ● sale of agricultural machinery, spare parts and equipment

     ● sale of fertilisers and agrochemicals.

The restriction on the activities of these areas in shopping centres and malls remains in force.

The permission to move for people working in areas whose activities are not limited is active after the employer has added their names on the portal using an electronic signature.

The requirement to receive SMS permissions by number 8103 when leaving the house is retained. However, the permit period is extended from two hours to three.

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