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Azerbaijan will extend quarantine regime after 31 May (Updated)



The quarantine regime in Azerbaijan will be extended after 31 May, Ramin Bayramli, Chairman of the Board of the Association for Management of Medical Territorial Units, said.

'The statistics on COVID-19 infection do not give us any reason to cancel the quarantine regime. After 31 May it will be extended,' Bayramli said during a briefing on Friday.

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'If we look at the indicators of the last week, we will see that the second wave began to stabilise by the end of this week.' The Chairman of the Board of TƏBİB Ramin Bayramli said this at a press-conference of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan.

'Our conclusion today is that you cannot relax, you must strictly follow the rules,' he said.

He noted that this week 581 cases of infection were recorded, 384 people were cured.

'Last week, 755 people became infected with coronavirus, 365 people recovered. Last week 7 people died, this week also 7. But the week has not ended yet,' R. Bayramli said.

* * *

In Azerbaijan, 681 health workers became infected with coronavirus. This is 18% of the total number of cases. The head of the TƏBİB board, Ramin Bayramli, said this at a briefing of the Operational Headquarters.

According to him, 537 health workers have already recovered from the virus. Until today, 4 doctors have died.

Ramin Bayramli added that one of the doctors died today.

* * *

Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan is conducting another briefing on the situation with coronavirus in the country.

As informs Azeri Daily's own correspondent, Chairman of the TƏBİB Board Ramin Bayramli and Spokesman for the Cabinet of Ministers Ibrahim Mammadov answer the questions of journalists.

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