News 30 may — 12:58

COVID-19 passport may be introduced in Azerbaijan


COVID-19 passport can be applied in Azerbaijan after the resumption of air travel. This was told to reporters by the press-secretary of the Association for Management of Medical Territorial Units (TƏBİB) Ravana Aliyeva.

According to her, the issue of using COVID-19 passport in Azerbaijan will be discussed after the resumption of air travel.

'It is too early to talk about the introduction of this system. So far, the deadline for temporarily closing borders and suspending international flights has been extended until 15 June. The public will be informed about the results of the discussions held in connection with the COVID-19 passport,' said R. Aliyeva.

Note that the COVID-19 passport is a system used in international practice. For the first time, its introduction in Europe was proposed by Croatian Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli.

A COVID-19 passport provides for inclusion of the results of tests for coronavirus, note on the health of the passport holder, etc.

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