News 9 june — 18:19

Ukrainian president says Russia hardly pulled out any border troops


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Wednesday Russia has pulled out only 11,000 out of 105,000 border troops, Anadolu Agency reports.

Briefing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the security situation in the east and near Ukraine during a phone talk, Zelensky said only part of the Russian troops and heavy weapons has been withdrawn from Ukraine's border.

"Russia has almost not withdrawn its troops. Out of 105,000 Russian servicemen, only 11,000 went back,” Zelensky said, stressing the importance of maintaining international pressure on Russia.

For his part, Trudeau reassured Zelensky of Canada's "unwavering support," adding that the two countries "remain great friends."

The two leaders also discussed ways to support Ukraine's efforts toward NATO membership and coordination of efforts between Ukraine and Canada in the case of the downing of the PS752 flight by Iran.

In April, Kyiv accused Moscow of gathering a large group of armed forces on its border, voicing concern over possible annexation of the Donbas region. In response, Russia said it was concerned by the upcoming NATO exercises in Ukraine and the gathering of the Ukrainian armed forces in Donbas.

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