News 13 september — 16:41

Azerbaijani customs levy taxes from Iranian trucks on Gorus-Kafan road (Official statement)



State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan has commented on Azeri media reports on the collection of road tax and other customs payments from vehicles passing through the territory of Azerbaijan.

It should be noted that the publications dealt with Iranian vehicles passing through the section of the Gorus-Kafan highway controlled by Azerbaijan, where a police post has been set up.

'In accordance with Article 210 of the Tax Code of Azerbaijan, vehicles of foreign countries entering and leaving the territory of Azerbaijan are subject to road tax. According to the code, vehicles are subject to road tax, as well as a state duty for obtaining a permit regulating international road transport in the territory of Azerbaijan in accordance with Article 24 of the Law on State Duty,' the committee said.

The State Customs Committee emphasised that at present, the customs authorities of Azerbaijan ensure the implementation of the provisions of the legislation in this direction throughout the country.

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