News 14 september — 12:14

Pavel Felgenhauer: Enemies are everywhere, as in Soviet times...


'Russia has enemies everywhere, just like in Soviet times. We have a ring of hostility... We have inner rings of hostility, we even have a ring of hostility in the Moscow Garden Ring -- foreign agents and other bad people. There is Ukraine, there is Georgia. And there are outer rings of hostility.' Pavel Felgenhauer, a military expert, a columnist for Novaya Gazeta, said this on the air of Ekho Moskvy.

According to the expert, after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, the threats of destabilisation in Central Asia have intensified. Felgenhauer believes the jihadist movement could spill over into the Central Asian republics.

'Another hotbed in Transcaucasia occurs between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Russia can also be drawn there. There is Donbass and problems with Ukraine in general. There is Belarus with... Lukashenko, who has very big problems... It turns out that there is a wedge everywhere. And we need to keep a military division on the Franz Josef archipelago (we also have a division deployed there), keep a division in Chukotka, keep a corps on the Kuril Islands. We won't have enough strength. We don't have enough strength. Just like the Soviet Union had huge armed forces, but it turned out that they were stretched everywhere, there were not enough forces everywhere,' said the military expert.

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