News 15 september — 16:32

Akar warns: We consider threats against Azerbaijan as threats against us (Video, Photo)


The leadership of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and Turkey observed the TurAz Falcon 2021 air military exercises, which were held at the 3rd airbase in Konya. As reported by Azeri Daily with reference to the official website of the Ministry of National Defence of Turkey, Defence Minister Hulusi Akar and his Azerbaijani counterpart Zakir Hasanov, as well as Chiefs of the General Staff of the two countries Karim Valiyev and Yashar Guler, Air Force Commanders of the two countries Hasan Kucukayuz and Ramiz Tahirov were met by the Commander of the fighter aircraft forces, General Attila Gulan, commander of the air base, General Onder Sensoz and other officials.

The generals briefed Hulusi Akar on the progress of the exercise. In his speech, the Turkish minister noted that the situation in the region is very sensitive. Turkey respects the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all its neighbours. 'There can be no question that in some form we may have intentions to violate the borders of other countries. However, on the other hand, we will by no means allow the rights of our country and our friends and brothers to be violated either on land, in the air or at sea,' said Hulusi Akar.

The Turkish Minister of National Defence noted that these successful exercises, conducted together with Azerbaijan, intimidate enemies, but at the same time inspire friends and brothers. 'We consider threats against Azerbaijan as threats against us,' said the Turkish minister.

Hulusi Akar stressed that Azerbaijan in a short period, in just 44 days, liberated its own lands, which had been under occupation for about 30 years. The minister noted that the Shusha Declaration signed by the Presidents of the two countries Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ilham Aliyev on June 15 defines a roadmap that will be monitored by Turkey and Azerbaijan in the future.

'The arm of truce extended by our esteemed President and respected President Aliyev to Armenia is aimed at ensuring peace and stability. It is very important that the response to this proposal is reciprocal. However, unfortunately, there is no concrete answer to this day. We want Armenia to observe the ceasefire regime, not to make any mistakes, and we want to restore peace and stability in the region,' said Hulusi Akar.

In turn, the Minister of Defence of Azerbaijan, Zakir Hasanov touched upon the significance of the exercises TurAz Falcon 2021. He noted that in recent years, thanks to joint exercises with Turkey, the Azerbaijani Army has gained a lot of experience. The minister stressed that the two fraternal countries will continue to conduct joint exercises in the future.

Zakir Hasanov stressed that Azerbaijan felt Turkey's support from the very first day, as it began the struggle for the liberation of its lands.

'It gives us strength to have a brother like Turkey next to us. The people of Azerbaijan highly appreciate the support of Turkey,' said the defence minister.

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