News 12 october — 12:45

15 years and 888 lashes: Sentence on participants of actions in support of Azerbaijan in Iran (Video)


In Iran, the verdict was read out to the 12 participants of the actions organised in support of Azerbaijan during the 44-day Patriotic War detained in October last year, the Azerbaijani edition of Radio Liberty reports.

It is noted that the decision was made by the court of Ardabil correctional institution #102. According to the ruling, the defendants were sentenced to 180 months in prison (15 years) and 888 lashes.

According to human rights activist Naghi Mahmudi, the detainees are accused of inflicting grievous bodily harm, violation of order, as well as resistance to law enforcement officers. The arrested themselves do not agree with the charges.

In October last year, a number of actions were held in Iran in support of Azerbaijan in the 44-day Patriotic War. The authorities detained about 30 participants in the events, and criminal cases were opened against 12 of them.

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