News 14 october — 11:36

Azerbaijani was shot from machine guns in Stockholm


The night before, in the Farsta area in Stockholm, two unknown assailants shot a 43-year-old native of Azerbaijan from machine guns. An unheard-of event in the peaceful Swedish capital.

As reported by Expressen, in addition to the killed 43-year-old Azerbaijani, a 15-year-old teenager was also seriously wounded. After the shooting, the attackers fled on bicycles.

The murdered man was a father of two who worked in the service industry. He wanted to return from Sweden to his family in Azerbaijan, but did not have time.

The publication notes that the 43-year-old man came to Sweden from Azerbaijan twelve years ago with his wife and child. Soon they had another child. But the family broke up, and the man's ex-wife and their two children returned to their old homeland -- Azerbaijan. After a while, the man began to live with another woman.

'We lived here for a year and a half together. We used to have a close relationship, but lately we were only friends. He was Muslim, but not very religious. I have never seen him go to the mosque. He sent money to the children every month and took great care of them. He worked hard and almost did not find time for social life. But sometimes on weekends he would go to a local restaurant. Didn't use any drugs and didn't do anything criminal. I'm shocked that he was killed. Perhaps he said something incautious to someone. Someone was angry with him. He only wanted to return to his family in Azerbaijan,' the former female partner of the Azerbaijani told the publication.

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