News 22 november — 11:34

Amnesty Act already affected about 1,300 people (Minister's statement)


The act of amnesty announced in connection with November 8, the Victory Day of Azerbaijan, has touched about 1,300 people so far. This was stated by the Minister of Justice of Azerbaijan, Chairman of the Judicial-Legal Council, State Counsellor of Justice 1st class Fikret Mammadov.

'This act of amnesty, announced as a continuation of the policy of humanism, the foundation of which was laid by the National Leader Heydar Aliyev, differs from all other similar acts of amnesty in terms of its scope of application,' he said.

According to Mammadov, the act applies to cases that are both at the stage of investigation and in court. In addition, it is expected that the amnesty will be applied to almost 15 thousand people by the justice authorities, including the Penitentiary Service and the Probation Service.

'To ensure the orderly and precise execution of the act of amnesty for the Ministry of Justice, a corresponding order was immediately signed,' he stressed.

He noted that daily control over the execution of the order has been organised, and a monitoring group has been created to immediately consider appeals in this regard, and other specific measures have been taken.

'As a result, the ministry began to apply the act of amnesty from the very first day, and today the amnesty has covered about 1,300 people,' he added.

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