News 26 november — 12:48

Fyodor Lukyanov: Meeting between Aliyev and Pashinyan is more important than result of negotiations


In the current situation, the meeting between the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia, the resumption of contacts interrupted after the war is more important than the result of the negotiations, Fyodor Lukyanov, Russian international expert, editor-in-chief of 'Russia in Global Affairs' magazine and scientific director of the Valdai International Discussion Club, told Armenian media.

'It is difficult to expect something new, since the situation is far from being settled, the implementation of the agreements reached over the past year, basically remains in the design state. Add to that the recent border clashes, which showed just how precarious this all is. So, I think the only problem in this situation is to restore contacts that were broken off after the war a year ago. It is impossible to move forward without these connections. Therefore, the Europeans are also active, and, of course, Russia. From this point of view, in my opinion, the very fact of the meeting is more important than the result,' said Lukyanov.

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