News 10 january — 14:31

Omicron is already in Azerbaijan (12 people infected)


In accordance with the Strategy for vaccination against COVID-19 in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2021-2022, the vaccination process continues throughout the country, the press-service of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Health told Azeri Daily.

The new Omicron version of the coronavirus, which has recently appeared as a result of mutations of the coronavirus, is of serious concern in Azerbaijan, as well as around the world, the ministry said.

As part of the measures taken to control the epidemiological situation in Azerbaijan, regular analyses are carried out for genetic variants of the virus. In the course of research, a new variant of the omicron coronavirus was discovered in 12 samples taken from persons who arrived from abroad.

In a statement, the department said that the results of the studies carried out once again prove that the most effective way to protect against new and rapidly spreading dangerous variants of the coronavirus is vaccination. Azerbaijani health authorities are calling on citizens to get vaccinated to protect themselves from the new strain of the virus. Along with vaccinations, rules such as keeping distance, using masks and frequent hand washing must be followed.

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