23 july16:05

President appointed Karim Valiyev Chief of General Staff of Azerbaijani Armed Forces

23 july11:46

Ilham Aliyev about wonderful gesture of Charles Michel in Baku

23 july10:29

Ilham Aliyev: We sent agenda to Armenia - peace treaty

23 july09:48

Ilham Aliyev: During many hours of discussions with Putin, not a single controversial issue arose

23 july09:12

Ilham Aliyev: I have very close relations with Putin

23 july08:37

Ilham Aliyev: Officials should not own businesses

22 july21:37

Ilham Aliyev familiarised himself with consequences of Armenian missile attacks against Ganja (Photo)

22 july20:56

Ilham Aliyev: Armenia should not repeat its previous mistakes

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